Friday “Rocks”! featuring Thomas Laine

If Friday isn’t enough reason to celebrate, then you should take a look at this beautiful bridal jewelry collection from Thomas Laine! You already have the engagement ring, now all you need are the rest of the peices to complete the look on your special day! I love the intricate detailing and the classic elegance… absolutely gorgeous!!

“Thomas Laine Jewelry collections are inspired by a fusion of classic American luxury, old Hollywood glamour and our European heritage, all combined with a modern day sensibility. The glamour, romance and elegance of a timeless piece of jewelry allows you to shine and sparkle during the special moments in life. It is our hope to be with you during the milestones of your life and add something memorable – from your wedding day to anniversaries, birthdays and celebrations such as baby births and life achievements.” 

Grace Freshwater Pearl Five Strand Ornate Clasp Bracelet

Ava Rose Gold Burst Teardrop Earrings

Bridal Crystal Marquise Necklace

1920s Gatsby Hair Comb

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Florida Keys Private Beach Dinner Proposal

Key West Private Dinner on the Beach

Steve knew exactly what he wanted when he came to us. He and Brittany were traveling to The Florida Keys and he wanted a private dinner on the beach where he could give her a photo book he had been working on. So we quickly pulled together some wonderful vendors in the area and had a simple yet utterly romantic proposal waiting for their arrival.

Now for a special little testimonial from Brittany herself:

Hi Yes Girls!
This is Brittany, Stephen Diodati’s girlfriend (now fiancé 😃) and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you for helping Steve bring his proposal ideas to life and helping him create the most beautiful, romantic, unforgettable night of my life.
I was completely in shock and surprised. EVERYTHING was perfect. Little Palm Island was so beautiful, I could not have dreamed of a more perfect place to get engaged. The boat ride, the island, the private beach, water front table for just the two of us. The rose petals, tiki torches, sunset, and best of all… Stephens proposal.
I could not believe he had planned this dream proposal without me ever knowing and I can not thank you girls enough for helping to make it all come together perfectly!
I’m so excited for you to see all of our engagement photos!! I know they’re going to be amazing – how could they not be the night was a fairytale!
All my best,
Brittany Fogarty (soon to be Diodati!!!) :)

key west marriage proposal on the beach private beach dinner in florida keys little palm island marriage proposal dinner on the beach in florida private beach dinner in florida keys little palm island marriage proposal dinner on the beach in florida dinner on the beach in florida key west marriage proposal on the beach little palm island marriage proposal little palm island marriage proposal how to create the perfect beach proposal in florida

Vendor Love:
Proposal Execution – The Yes Girls Events
Photography – Care Weddings

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How to Customize Your Wedding!

Nowadays weddings are just getting bigger and more elaborate. Everyone wants to outdo the other, but when you think about it, they all kind of run together. When planning your wedding, remember to make it special and unique to you and your significant other. This is really important to consider because remember why you are getting married, and it’s not for one big party. Here are some ways to make your wedding your own and customize it!

    1. Koozies: These are a super big hit with the weddings nowadays. Most bars are serving cold drinks, so pop one of these on and everyone is reppin’ your names!
      styled shoot with wedding personalized decor


    1. Napkins: Napkins are a cute way to display your names, dates, etc. They are easy to make and can be done in bulk.
    2. Custom Wedding Monogram: These are so incredible. They can be shown anywhere and everywhere you can imagine. On the the napkins would be adorable, but even better would be on a custom pillow in your lounge area!
      wedding lounge with custom pillow


    1. Decorations: For your decorations, while framed photos are always a hit, mix it up with custom playing cards! This would be another cute place to add your monogram, but you can also have your engagement pictures printed on the playing cards as well!
    2. Favors: I have seen some very cute favors over the years. Incorporate your new name in a cute riddle tied to a favor, get some M&Ms with your new last name on them, or make it a champagne bottle with a new wrapping saying thank you from the both of you. Oh yeah, and those playing cards from the Decorations Idea would be great “thank yous” too!
      wedding lounge with personalized games and custom cards


  1. Food: This one is by far my favorite and the cutest, I think, but I’m a little biased to grandma’s home-style cooking. Have a catering company willing to make some dishes that are not of their norm? Have grandma or Aunt Jenny to write up the recipe you’ve grown up eating and incorporate it into dinner.   This will give your wedding guests an idea of how the both of you grew up and what you enjoy.

All photos from Perry Vaile via SimplyJessicaMarie

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Will You Be My Bridesmaid? PART I

“I’ve got my guy, but I need you by my side, will you be my bridesmaid?”

Popping the question to your girls is almost just as exciting as being proposed to (almost!) This time the ball is in your court. There are so many ideas, cute sayings, and ways to pop this important question. If your creativity is running dry and lack of time are stressing you out, the team from Beau-Coup wants to help you out! In fact, we found so many cute ideas that this has been turned into a blog series and for the whole month of March we will feature a “how to ask your bridesmaids” invitation every Tuesday!

Day of the Wedding Must-Haves

will you be my bridesmaid invite

What we love about this package is how it will keep your ladies prepared for everything the day has to offer. They will feel completely taken care of while they celebrate your big day with you! The wooden hanger is perfect for keeping those dresses all hung up in a row while getting ready at the beginning of the day, and those folding ballet flats are just what they will need when hitting the dance floor at the end of the night.

What’s Included: Personalized Card, Survival Kit, Champagne, Compact Mirror, Champagne Gummy Bears, Geo Tote, Monogram Hanger, Folding Flats

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Sharing Your Engagement like a Celebrity

We’ve all heard the phrase “Pictures, or it didn’t happen” and in 2017 that’s certainly seems to be the case. With the whole planet constantly sharing, it’s easy for the things you share to be lost in the World Wide Web. The first time you share your engagement should not be one of those lost things.

So, who can we turn to for advice on your big moment getting overlooked on Instagram? Naturally, we look to the celebrities who did it right. Here are some celeb engagement posts for your consideration and inspiration.

Lauren Conrad: LC’s classic take on the #BlingSelfie stuns because of it’s simplicity. If you choose to post your engagement news via a photo of your ring, make sure that your nails are in tip-top shape and that you rest your hand against a neutral background. You want all eyes on your ring!

celebrity engagement rings
Julianne Hough: Julianne’s adorable engagement selfie says so much without trying too hard. Julianne is clearly thrilled and clearly engaged, but this subtle announcement let her audience put the pieces together themselves. By posting a photo like this one, you can allow your friends and family to be just as excited as you are when they realize there is something there that wasn’t there before; an engagement ring!

celebrity engagement rings
Emmy Rossum: Emmy, unlike Julianne, did not take the photo herself. In this photo Emmy was photographed by her fiancé, but all of the excitement that was in Julianne’s post is visible in Emmy’s Instagram as well. If you aren’t a selfie person but want to subtly announce your engagement, Emmy is your girl. Take a page out of her book and just pose for an everyday photo, but this time, make sure that rock is shown!

celebrity engagement rings
Gabrielle Union: Gab’s take on LC’s #BlingSelfie is different in that her husband, Dwayne Wade is featured in it as well. For an added “Aww” factor, include your beloved in your ring ‘Gram, but remember, above all, make sure those nails are done!

celebrity engagement rings
Eva Longoria: Eva’s engagement post is what one pictures when they think ‘engagement post’, but she is doing some things that you may forget when posing for this standard photo! Make sure the picture is in a scenic area. Whether it is your local park or even your backyard, taking the engagement ‘Gram in a beautiful spot will make sure no one scrolls by it. Secondly, make sure the ring is showing! This may sound like a no-brainer, but you wouldn’t believe how many people post engagement pictures with no ring!

celebrity engagement rings
Overall, the keys to a picture-perfect engagement post on Instagram are:

  1. Manicured nails! If you’re showing off what’s on your fingers, make sure your fingers are worthy of being showed off.
  2. Emotion! Show your excitement. Who will want to double tap on your post to share their excitement with you if you don’t seem excited yourself?
  3. Setting! Whether it is a ring selfie or a photo of you and your fiancé, background is crucial. For a ring selfie, go for a neutral, muted background. With a photo of you, use the beautiful world around you as your backdrop, rather than a wall in your living room.

Get to snapping!

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Friday “Rocks”! featuring Sofia Kaman


Finding engagement rings that stand out against the rest is really hard, and that’s why I’m so excited to share this week’s Friday “Rocks”! post featuring the beautiful collection from Sofia Kaman! I love the simple, yet bold details in each piece! The designer really captured a unique elegance; the perfect combination of modern and vintage! Absolutely gorgeous!

“Fascinated by the allure of ancient jewels, the idea that every object tells a story, as well as the beauty of natural forms and textures, Sofia unites an old-world feeling with a rough-hewn yet feminine touch in each of her designs. Hand crafted textures and an unstudied nonchalance combined with an eye for what’s next and what will always be around blend to for Sofia’s signature style and artistry.”


Channel your inner Greek Goddess with this unique and utterly captivating engagement ring. Crafted in solid 18kt matte yellow gold, a central 0.59ct, pear-shaped rose cut diamond is framed by a sculpted leafy halo and a second surround of tiny twinkling diamonds (0.17ctw). This one-of-a kind ring features both a low profile and larger finger coverage without losing the ability to stack it with your favorite eternity bands. Luminous and ethereal, this delicate beauty is in a class of its own!


Inspired by the delicate details found in vintage designs, this stunning engagement ring juxtaposes touches of modern simplicity and art deco details to create a piece that is nothing short of pure decadence! Set in a cool platinum, this ring features a center 1.54ct natural blue radiant cut sapphire, and a double diamond halo (0.20ctw). A stunning beauty for a Timeless Glamour bride.


This vintage inspired hexagon tourmaline solitaire diamond accented engagement ring has a dramatic 14K yellow gold buttercup solitaire full of romance and features a rich, raspberry-hued tourmaline (2.60 ct) center stone, cut in a unique hexagonal shape, accented by two single-cut diamonds. The ornate scalloped mounting makes a bold statement.

This 14K vintage inspired hexagon tourmaline solitaire diamond accented engagement ring is full of Rococo charm and commands attention from across a crowded room.


Fit for a “cool” queen! This bold 18K rose gold Old European oval cut diamond solitaire features a stunning 2.04ct champagne diamond center and smaller white diamonds (0.10ctw) accenting the blackened crown setting. Stylish and sophisticated, this could be a unique engagement or statement ring for an individual who’s not afraid to rock tradition.


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The Sweetest Proposal Video for a Long Term Relationship

If you didn’t get a chance to see all the sweet photos and the background on Marlon and Nelly’s proposal last week, it’s definitely worth a read! This couple is so kind and they have been together for eight long years! These high school sweethearts have been through it all, and still have each other. Check out their incredible proposal video below:

Vendor Love:
Dallas Proposal Planners – The YES Girls Events
Venue – The Gather in Downtown McKinney
Photography – Katie Sanders Photography 
Videography (coming next week) – Rachel Heacox Films
Florals – Pearls & Poppies Floral Design

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Wedding Day Jewels

What kind of jewelry is a bride wearing on her wedding day? The ring is obviously the most discussed piece of jewelry on the day of the wedding, but there are many pieces that deserve some of the shine! From hair accents to antique brooches and all the way back to earrings, here are some of the best and most beautiful bridal jewelry trends.


Trending – If you’re searching for bridal earrings on Pinterest, you’ll find yourself swimming in a sea of drop earrings. The simple yet glamorous style is currently on trend for weddings, and a great reason. Drop earrings can be done in a number of ways; with an up-do or hair down, with a strapless dress or a long-sleeved gown, the possibilities for these earrings are endless!
trendy bride earrings

Statement – These earrings steal the show in the very best way. These statement earrings are best paired with an elegant bun or a sweet, side swept up-do. Keep the surrounding jewels very simple when taking on statement earrings, you wouldn’t want to take away from their beauty!
statement bridal earrings

Simple – A simple stud earring is stunning and sweet, while not taking too much attention away from the rest of the ensemble. Diamonds, pearls, or any other studs make a point to be glamorous, but not too showy.
studded bridal earrings


Trending – This style of bracelet is the hottest on market at the moment, and it is very plain to see why. The teardrop shape and the clean, bright outline make sure that the bling on your wrist will garner a lot of attention, but never taking away from the rest of your look. A perfect complement to any bride’s ring, necklace, earrings or dress!
trendy bridal bracelet

Statement – An intricate, jeweled cuff, perfect for the Gatsby-glam bride. This bracelet speaks for itself, and for the rest of your arm, at that, so it’s best worn on your right wrist. You wouldn’t want to clutter that ring finger.
statement bridal bracelet

Simple – Nothing says simple elegance like pearls. This bracelet can be worn with just about any style dress and with any other jewels, because it is just that versatile.
simple bridal bracelet

Hair Accents

Trending – This hair piece could be worn in just about any season with just about any gown. Perhaps that is why it is so in as of late! Bringing nature’s beauty to your ‘do and bringing a simple bun to a whole new level, this hair vine is definitely a contender when comparing hair accessories.
bride hair ideas

Statement – Glamorous, gorgeous and gigantic; if you’re looking for a statement hair piece, look no further! The vintage feel of this accessory give your locks a very luxurious look, just be careful not to overdo the look by adding statement earrings and necklace as well!
bride hair ideas

Simple – If ever you were wondering how you could possible add some bling to your bun, this hair accessory is the answer. A piece this beautiful grabs attention in passing, and will assure that all eyes are on you even after you’ve walked down the aisle.
bridal hair ideas



Trending – This gorgeous necklace is deceiving; while it looks simple in front, the back drop makes this one of the most popular necklaces for brides today! There may be no better way to top off an open-back dress than with a drop back necklace.
bride necklace ideas

Statement – This is a necklace that talks. This necklace says, “Wear me! I’m beautiful! Just don’t pair me with a loud dress!” Let this statement necklace do all the talking on your big day.
bride necklace ideas

Simple – If your look feels incomplete around the chest area, but you don’t want anything to compete with your dress, then a simple pendant necklace will do the trick. A single pearl, diamond, or a charm that means something to you is a necklace choice that will fill a space, never clutter it.
bride necklace ideas

Head Pieces

Trending – Who ever said tiaras were out? This diamond headband adds flair and shine to your hair style, and allows you to experiment with new styles. Aside from being stunning, the big bonus is this piece will keep your hair in place and out of your face.
head pieces for bride

Statement – ICYMI, Blair Waldorf had the best (first) wedding in the TV universe and taking this tiara as your own would be taking a page out of Blair’s bridal book. Who wouldn’t want to do that? For a look that says ‘princess’, but not too princess, toss on a statement tiara and steal the show!
head pieces for bride tiara

Simple – This starfish headband is perfect for a simple beach venue wedding, perfect for a beach-themed wedding, or perfect if the bride just loves starfish! This design of this head piece is minimalistic and can be paired with any style of dress and would be just gorgeous with the simple pearl pieces listed above.
head pieces for bride


Bridal jewelry is the unsung hero of the wedding day look and hopefully the jewels you’ve seen here have pointed you in the right direction or sparked a light in the diamond division of your mind. Now, go out there and find your perfect pieces! Happy hunting!


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The Best 5 Honeymoon Resorts in the Caribbean

Wedding planning is stressful enough, and we know you want to relax after the vows are said. So where do you even start looking for the perfect honeymoon location when you already have an extremely long wedding to do list? We have the perfect solution for you. Shannon Green is a travel agent, and 50% of her clients contact her about their honeymoon. She is based out of Edina, Minnesota. “I started Great Escapes Travel Agency in 2012 as a hobby because I enjoyed planning trips for my family and friends.  It really took off and now I am a full-service travel agency specializing in Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii and French Polynesia.  I am set apart from other agents in the industry because of my secondary job as described below. As a Corporate Event Director specializing in Corporate Incentive Trips for top-producing sales employees, I have the opportunity to partner with many international vendors like hotels and ground suppliers.  From this, I gain first-hand insight and knowledge of the destinations that I sell to my leisure clients.  I spend 6 months out of the year traveling meanwhile siting new destinations and properties for my clients.”

From traveling herself, as well as booking trips for couples, Shannon is a highly credible source for the perfect honeymoon. I asked for her insight on the Best 5 Honeymoon Resorts in the Caribbean:

Best 5 Honeymoon Resorts in the Caribbean

Jade Mountain St Lucia-This boutique property is a luxurious option starting at $1100 per night.  Their suites are spacious, individual private villas, each with a private pool overlooking the majestic pitons that St Lucia is known for.  For the honeymooner that is looking for romance and privacy, this is one of the best options.  Starting rates do not include any meals but there are upgrades available for meal plans.  One of the Southernmost Caribbean islands, St Lucia is a 6 hr flight from NYC and 4 hrs from Miami.  Known for it’s rugged nature and traditional Caribbean charm, St Lucia offers activities such as scuba diving, hiking, boating and snorkeling.  Albeit, the majority of visitors come for romance, rest and relaxation.

Best 5 Honeymoon Resorts in the Caribbean

Excellence Punta Cana-Extremely popular among honeymooners, this property is an easy non-stop flight from many US cities, situated on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, affordable compared to many other Caribbean islands, an all-inclusive property and a 5* accommodation.  Dominican Republic is one of the most popular destinations right now for all of these reasons and honeymooners are no exception.  With special romance suites like swim-up suites, honeymoon ocean suites and terrace suites with private plunge pool, guests appreciate that they have options for upgrades even at a larger property like this one.  Rooms start at $615 per night double occupancy, all inclusive.  A wide range of activities are offered on the island and include but are not limited to snorkeling, boating, zip line, ATV and cultural tours.

Best 5 Honeymoon Resorts in the Caribbean

Sandals Whitehouse Jamaica-The all-inclusive, ultimate luxury included destination.  Honeymooners love the Sandals collection for the unique individual suites that they can select and guarantee.  Luxury included items like gourmet dining, upgraded wine and liquors and some activities like sunset cruise are also included.  This property is expansive but feels like a boutique, there is something for everyone without having a massive feel.  Service is impeccable.  It is also adults-only and caters to couples and romance.  Non-stop flights are offered from major US cities making this one of the easiest destinations to get to.  Jamaica offers more excursions than most destinations and really one can do about any water or land activity.

Best 5 Honeymoon Resorts in the Caribbean

Somerset Turks and Caicos-Situated on world-renowned Grace Bay Beach, the Somerset offers oversized guest rooms with full kitchens, ocean view and luxurious amenities.  The island is very safe and easy to get around making the destination one of the highest rated in the Caribbean.  Only 2 hrs from US East Coast cities, this is also one of the easiest to get to.  For foodies and those looking for an upscale experience with no luxury overlooked, this is the place for them.  Turks and Caicos is all about the water sports-jet ski, parasail, snorkel, scuba and boating are some of the options.  There is some of the finest dining available as well.  Rates begin at $850 per night, double occupancy.

Best 5 Honeymoon Resorts in the Caribbean

Ritz Carlton St Thomas-I wanted to include this one especially because it is in the USVI and therefore does not require a passport for US citizens so the convenience factor is high.  It is also near the other US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands so is a great base for day trips.  Rooms start at $799 per night for double occupancy.  The room categories are that of a typical resort beginning with resort view and up to ocean view with club level access.  This is another luxury property with upgraded amenities and all the romance options honeymooners need.  Activities include sailing (very popular here), ATV, snorkeling and boating.  USVI is a 5 hr flight from East Coast major cities.


We believe that all of these locations will make blue skies, sand between your toes, and an adventure to celebrate your marriage a reality.


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7 Places to Propose Across the Globe

The only thing better than traveling with your significant other is to start the trip as ‘significant others’ and end the trip as ‘fiancés’! When it comes to international travel, you have an endless number of places to pop the question, but a few are a head above the rest. Listed below are seven of the most gorgeous places on the face of the earth that double as the most gorgeous places to propose!
best place in the world to propose

  1. Nā Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii |

While traveling to Hawaii isn’t exactly traveling abroad, it is still a top destination for weddings and proposals alike! Take your pick from jungles, waterfalls, beaches or resorts; Hawaii has all of that to offer and more. For instance, The Nā Pali Coast State Park is a 6,175 acres Hawaiian state park located in the center of the north west side of Kauai, the oldest inhabited Hawaiian island.

best place in the world to propose

2. Kawachi Fuji Garden, Kitakyushu, Japan

If you are planning a trip to Japan, make sure you make the Kawachi Fuji Garden top ten on your list of places to visit. This gorgeous garden features a pastel-colored tunnel straight out of a fairy tale. Take a walk through one of the two tunnels lined with Wisteria flowers and allow the wonder of it all inspire you to drop down on one knee.

best place in the world to propose

3. Juliet’s Balcony, Verona, Italy

Romeo and Juliet’s love story didn’t end all that well, (spoiler) but it started beautifully at Juliet’s balcony. Is your loved one a Shakespeare fan or a fan of literature in general? This spot, located in Verona, Italy, can give your proposal an element of classic romance that will be remembered fondly. (Just like all of those Shakespearian sonnets you had to memorize in high school.)

best place in the world to propose

4. The Mulia, Bali, Indonesia

The Mulia is slightly different from the rest of the locations on this list because it is a resort tucked away in Bali. For those who prefer lounging and relaxing to hiking and touring, the luxury Mulia provides a stunning backdrop for a fancy proposal. You can take your pick from the four restaurants and five bars, the signature Oasis beachfront pools or the cabanas with poolside treatment.

best place in the world to propose

5. Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye is the northernmost island in the inner Hebrides of Scotland and is home to the most dramatic mountain scenery in the country. Referred to in many novels, poems and songs alike, Isle of Skye provides a picturesque view and other-worldly feel to your storybook proposal.

best place in the world to propose

6. The Mayan Ruins, Tulum, Mexico

If your plan is to tour Mexico, Tulum is probably already high on your list. If your significant other is a history buff, they will undoubtedly want to check out the Mayan Ruins, a stunning reminder of the powerful civilization that once ruled Central America. The temples remain standing after a millennium, but feeling the history and magic of this spot may make you drop to one knee.

best place in the world to propose

7. Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher are Ireland’s most visited attraction, and it is clear to see why! Stretching for five miles along the Atlantic Ocean, with sight of the Aran Islands and Galway Bay on a clear day, there is no better spot in all of Ireland to propose. Steal away from the crowds, take in the view, and ask the question you’ve been dying to since you boarded the plane!

Any and all of these places serve as a perfect setting for a proposal, so long as you don’t forget this one rule: make sure there is someone around to capture the moment so you can share it with all of your loved ones back home! Safe travels!

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