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7 Places to Propose Across the Globe

The only thing better than traveling with your significant other is to start the trip as ‘significant others’ and end the trip as ‘fiancés’! When it comes to international travel, you have an endless number of places to pop the question, but a few are a head above the rest. Listed below are seven of the most gorgeous places on the face of the earth that double as the most gorgeous places to propose!
best place in the world to propose

  1. Nā Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii |

While traveling to Hawaii isn’t exactly traveling abroad, it is still a top destination for weddings and proposals alike! Take your pick from jungles, waterfalls, beaches or resorts; Hawaii has all of that to offer and more. For instance, The Nā Pali Coast State Park is a 6,175 acres Hawaiian state park located in the center of the north west side of Kauai, the oldest inhabited Hawaiian island.

best place in the world to propose

2. Kawachi Fuji Garden, Kitakyushu, Japan

If you are planning a trip to Japan, make sure you make the Kawachi Fuji Garden top ten on your list of places to visit. This gorgeous garden features a pastel-colored tunnel straight out of a fairy tale. Take a walk through one of the two tunnels lined with Wisteria flowers and allow the wonder of it all inspire you to drop down on one knee.

best place in the world to propose

3. Juliet’s Balcony, Verona, Italy

Romeo and Juliet’s love story didn’t end all that well, (spoiler) but it started beautifully at Juliet’s balcony. Is your loved one a Shakespeare fan or a fan of literature in general? This spot, located in Verona, Italy, can give your proposal an element of classic romance that will be remembered fondly. (Just like all of those Shakespearian sonnets you had to memorize in high school.)

best place in the world to propose

4. The Mulia, Bali, Indonesia

The Mulia is slightly different from the rest of the locations on this list because it is a resort tucked away in Bali. For those who prefer lounging and relaxing to hiking and touring, the luxury Mulia provides a stunning backdrop for a fancy proposal. You can take your pick from the four restaurants and five bars, the signature Oasis beachfront pools or the cabanas with poolside treatment.

best place in the world to propose

5. Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye is the northernmost island in the inner Hebrides of Scotland and is home to the most dramatic mountain scenery in the country. Referred to in many novels, poems and songs alike, Isle of Skye provides a picturesque view and other-worldly feel to your storybook proposal.

best place in the world to propose

6. The Mayan Ruins, Tulum, Mexico

If your plan is to tour Mexico, Tulum is probably already high on your list. If your significant other is a history buff, they will undoubtedly want to check out the Mayan Ruins, a stunning reminder of the powerful civilization that once ruled Central America. The temples remain standing after a millennium, but feeling the history and magic of this spot may make you drop to one knee.

best place in the world to propose

7. Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher are Ireland’s most visited attraction, and it is clear to see why! Stretching for five miles along the Atlantic Ocean, with sight of the Aran Islands and Galway Bay on a clear day, there is no better spot in all of Ireland to propose. Steal away from the crowds, take in the view, and ask the question you’ve been dying to since you boarded the plane!

Any and all of these places serve as a perfect setting for a proposal, so long as you don’t forget this one rule: make sure there is someone around to capture the moment so you can share it with all of your loved ones back home! Safe travels!

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At Home Date Idea: Let’s Be Kids Again

Most of the time, you realize that it’s been forever since you and your loved one went on a date together. Your schedules are crazy, you just want to relax, or the budget doesn’t allow for it. So that’s where this great blog post comes in. We are starting a new series of At Home Date Ideas and I can’t wait to share the first one with you.

For my first idea I wanted to let out our inner kid behavior, so I’m positive it’ll be a fun one. Start with Mickey Mouse pancakes in bed! Now who wouldn’t want that? Some sausage, orange juice, and maybe spice it up with some Champagne.

simple cheap date idea at home

Head downstairs and I test you to leave all electronic devices upstairs! Still in your pajamas, gather all the blankets possible. I’m sure you know what’s coming next. FORT TIME! This is so fun and I still enjoy doing it with my significant other. Build a fort in the living room and close all the blinds. So cute and romantic!

simple cheap date idea at home

By this time, y’all are in the mood for some serious down time. Then pop in a DVD of your childhood favorite movie. Maybe Sleeping Beauty, The Incredibles, or Monsters Inc. (my personal favorite.) Make some buttery popcorn into a big bowl and bring it into your fort. This time together will be restful and recharging; something I’m sure the both of you need.

simple cheap date idea at home

After the movie, head outside for a brisk walk. Head to the nearest park or down to the river, where y’all can chat and hang out outside. If it’s too cold/hot, do a mini in home workout that has both of you laughing. I’m sure your abs will be hurting more from that. Maybe see who can hold a plank longer?

After that, I’m sure its time to rinse off. So put some bubbles in a nice warm bath and relax. You both need it. Enjoy this time together without any interruptions. Both of you get caught up in everyday life that has you not spending enough time with each other. I hope that you enjoy this post and stayed tuned for the next In Home Date Idea!

simple cheap date idea at home

Image Credits: DisneylandRecipes | Buzzfeed | Tumblr | TheBecomer

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What is a Man-Made Diamond?

man made vs mined diamonds
Diamond alternatives don’t necessarily mean the gumball machine ring variety. In fact, these conflict free gems are really something to take a closer look at.

man made vs mined diamonds
Man-made diamonds, also known as lab created diamonds, are grown in highly controlled environments that mimic the natural process that diamonds go through. Don’t get these confused with moissanite or cubic zirconia, though. Also known as diamond simulants, moissanite and cubic zirconia do not possess the carbon atoms that man-made and naturally mined diamonds do.


The benefits of lab diamonds:

  • Eco Friendly- no need to have guilt or questions when you stare down at your sparkler. Lab-created diamonds have a minimal environmental impact and are ethically grown. Most are grown in first world countries, and quite a lot can be found right here in the United States.
  • Beauty and Rarity- your lab created diamond will be just as show stopping as a natural one, if not more. These gems “have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds”(Mia Donna). They are made from 100% pure carbon just like real diamonds. Since the environment is so controlled, diamonds can be manipulated and enhanced. Colored diamonds are even an option ranging from yellow to purple.
  • Value- Lab created diamonds are about 40% less expensive than an earth-mined diamond. Therefore, the principal of getting more (a bigger or desirable cut or color) can be executed within your budget.

man made vs mined diamonds

A couple of sources to buy these precious rocks are Mia Donna, Brilliant Earth, and Diamond Nexus. Due to the physical, optical, and chemical make up of man-made diamonds, no one will be able to tell the difference. That is unless you want to brag about your ethical, environmentally friendly diamond. After all, a diamond is a girl’s best friend… natural or lab-created!

man made vs naturally grown diamonds

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Give Your Wife What She Actually Wants For Valentines Day

Anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day… do you ever get overwhelmed trying to keep up with gifts for your significant other for these occasions? As the years go on, do you constantly wrack your brain for the perfect gift?

I am about to let you in on a secret on how you can love your wife, girlfriend, fiancé, significant other even better… find out what their love language is. (Image Credit)

There are five love languages, discovered by the author Gary Coleman. These five include: acts of service, gifts, quality time, physical touch, and words of affirmation. Everyone receives love and shows love in different ways. Once you determine how your significant other best receives love, you can cater to them in these ways. (Image Credit)

This is a growing process. Over the years I find that I try to love others the way that I want to be loved. I enjoy gifts and physical touch. Yet, others might feel uncomfortable receiving gifts or being hugged. You can determine the best possible gift by finding how they want to be loved, not how you want to love them.

As a Valentine’s Day tradition, my mom would always have my sister and I take the love language test, and we would compare it to previous years to see how we changed or evolved through out the years. Knowing how someone else scores lets you in on how to serve them better.

So before Valentine’s Day, I would recommend that you and your significant other take the quiz and compare answers. This way you know exactly how to surprise them in a way that you know they will love and feel comfortable with. Here is the link: (Image Credit)

I will give some examples for each type.

    • Acts of service: this can be as simple as fixing that leaky faucet, changing that light bulb, taking her broken necklace to the jeweler to be repaired. These might not sound as romantic as other options, but someone who values acts of service is a practical kind of person who values when you put effort into the little things. To help complete these tasks, getting a “to do list” notepad is very helpful to keep track of things that need to be done. (Buy the gift below by clicking here!)


    • Gifts: this is the most popular display of affection for Valentine’s Day. One way to surprise her without having to pry and ask for hints is to have her set up a Target wish list or registry that you can look at on your own time. That way it is right in front of you, easy to access, but you can choose from a list. This makes it easier to surprise her at random times instead of always having to ask for ideas. (Image Credit)


    • Quality time: watch that chick flick she has been dying to see, help her with her DIY project, ask her about her day. Light some candles, grab the cozy blankets and pillows, and just be with her. No distractions from phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Just your unadulterated attention. Getting a designated basket to keep electronics and distractions in during quality time is a good way to keep all attention on your loved one. Target has a huge variety in all different sizes and looks. (Buy the gift below by clicking here!)


    • Physical touch: hold her hand at dinner, wrap her up in a big hug when she comes home from work, cuddle while watching a movie, play with her hair, kiss her forehead, slow dance with her in the kitchen. Something new and fun to try for Valentine’s Day would be to learn how to swing dance! In addition, learning how to play with a girl’s hair is key, and many men need some helpful hints. Any girl scoring high in the physical touch category will melt if you are good at playing with her hair. Rake your fingers through her hair, starting at her scalp. Scratch her head, comb her hair, but do not pull or tangle. A scalp massager from Target might be your new best friend. Or ask her what her favorite is. Learning how to give a nice shoulder massage is also the perfect relaxer after a tough day. (Buy the gift below by clicking here!)


  • Words of affirmation: write her love letters, hand written cards, post it notes all over her desk/calendar/sink for when she gets ready in the morning. These little reminders will make her smile, and having a physical reminder of this sweet gesture is nice. We call these “atta-girl” moments, and these are nice to pull out on a rainy day when a pick me up is necessary. Genuine compliments are important as well, though. Tell her she is beautiful when she is in sweats, and when she puts in the extra effort for date night. Don’t just stop there, though. Compliment her dreams and aspirations, personality, goals achieved, wisdom, how she contributes to your life. Try this fill in the blank book for a meaningful gift she can read back on. (Buy the gift below by clicking here!)

Many people score high in multiple areas, so feel free to mix and match these kinds of options for the best possible Valentine’s Day where both parties will feel the love. The best part about it? These can all be continued for every day life, and ramped up/dramatized for big celebrations like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and other holidays!

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5 Low Budget Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It’s the new year and the holidays are over and done with, but you have realized that your bank account doesn’t love Valentine’s Day as much as you do. Your significant other has been begging you to go on date, but you have yet to get even think of a gift, better yet a DATE. I figured that a list of 5 low budget dates for this Valentine’s Day would be appropriate! Here a few that might do:

  1. Make a picnic and go to the local park overlooking the city
    Premade sandwiches, cheese tray, grapes and a bottle of wine are the perfect setup for an outdoor picnic; or indoor if the weather doesn’t allow. Go to the local park and take a blanket to snuggle up on. Go at sunset to make it even more romantic. This will both get you out of the house without spending any money, except on the food! (Image Credit)
    inexpensive date ideas for valentine's day
  2. Netflix and Chill
    If it is too chilly outside, take a warm blanket, maybe even start a fire, and start a movie on Netflix. Cuddle on up and have a movie marathon. Here are a couple you can find on Netflix: Remember Me, 50 First Dates, Hitch, Along Came Polly, and many more. I’m sure you have Titanic or The Notebook somewhere on the shelf. (Image Credit)
    inexpensive date ideas for valentine's day at home
  3. Couple’s Fitness Class
    A lot of fitness places do first time free classes. Take advantage of the cycling or yoga studio down the street and sign up for a class. Go sweat it out together, or have something to laugh about for the rest of the week.
  4. Couple’s Party
    This would probably be much more fun for the boys that can sit back and relax! Have a Valentine’s Day party!! Girls, plan a fun party and decorate the house with everything pink and with so many hearts. Invite all your couple friends (maybe even the single ones to set up) and enjoy each other’s company while playing games like Cards Against Humanity, the new popular game, Speak Out, and maybe even a game of Truth or Dare.
  5. Go to the Local Museum
    Even though this might not be entirely free, they usually aren’t too expensive. Dress up in your nice clothes, and go to the local museum, art, science, natural history. Help each other learn about the different history throughout the museum and learn something new about each other along the way. (Image Credit)
    inexpensive date ideas for valentine's day
  6. Get Outdoors
    Make the effort to get outside and enjoy each other’s company. Go hiking, go biking, or even make it a night event and go camping.

Hope these help get you out of the house for some fun time spent with your significant other. You don’t always have to spend lots of money to make a date memorable. Remember to put the technology away and really engage with each other this holiday. Cupid is watching!

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