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Say “Yes” to Thoughtful Marriage Proposals

Proposing Marriage is unmistakably a significant yet anxious moment in your relationship.   It is hard enough to get the words out “Will You Marry Me?” let alone planning the perfect way to propose.  It is the “YES!” moment you will always remember yet a moment you cannot redo if she isn’t crazy about how you asked.

I challenge you…do not spend thousands of dollars on an engagement ring to whip it out in an unromantic place like a parking lot. Yes, the parking lot proposal is true!  Instead, tune into her favorite things, places, memories of you two, or perhaps a dream she has and turn that into a creative proposal.  Perhaps it’s singing to her at the airport you met her or making a cute home video with you as the commentator of past favorite memories.


Check out this adorable do-it-yourself proposal video.

Check back daily for proposal ideas (catering to a variety of budgets) to find a creative idea or story that inspires you.  Consider us “The Yes Girls” here to help you get that perfect “Yes!”  Until tomorrow…



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