Chris & Jaime, Rome, Italy

Chris & Jaime, Rome, Italy

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Heather & The Yes Girls are one of the most incredible services I have encountered. First, as a doctor myself, and owning my own business I am utilizing a large variety of services on a regular basis. If you don’t already know, trust me when I tell you its hard to find a very high quality service & one that will spend all the time that you deserve and need with you. You get to the point you expect frustration along the way. Heather went way above and beyond to make sure that every detail was absolutely perfect formy proposal.

So speaking to the guys that are considering using this service, after having the help of Heather and The Yes Girls its been about 2 months since the proposal at the time I am writing this. I honestly and truly have a unique perspective and can see how much it was worth spending the extra time and a few extra dollars on the perfect proposal. Its not just the simple… find a nice ring… ask if she’ll marry you and trip over the words…and then she says yes. She may say yes… but what a way to blow one of the best opportunities of a lifetime to express how much you love your partner you are going to spend the rest of your life with. One of my favorite quotes is “when opportunity knocks, most people complain about the noise.” The perfect proposal is the opportunity of a lifetime. Try not to think of it as this huge obstacle to overcome. It’s a gift that keeps giving and being magical over and over again.

Now I know there is a lot of time and money involved in finding the right ring and getting past the nervousness or even coming up with “WHAT YOU THINK IS A GOOD IDEA,”but please do yourself the biggest favor in the world and let The Yes Girls help you make your proposal unique, magical and unforgettable. Every single detail. Now being 2 months after the proposal I promise there is nothing more fun than having someone ask my fiancée about the proposal and watching her face light up like that. It turned into one of the most special moments of our lives and one that won’t ever be forgotten… or easily topped. Secretly, its even more fun watching the woman turn to her husband rolling her eyes making comments about how she wishes she had something that romantic… not some quick, no thought proposal, void of any creativity or imagination at all. Big blown opportunity for them and you look like a hero to her and all her friends and the most romantic guy in the world.

There is nothing unmanly about making your woman feel like the most important and most loved woman in the world. I mean you are going to spend the rest of your life with her… you might as well make it an amazing life together right from the start. Isn’t that the point anyway? I am so thankful that I found Heather & The Yes Girls. They made the entire day spectacular from beginning to end… and it all came together without any problems whatsoever. And that is saying something when the proposal was on the other side of the world in Italy. It was perfectly coordinated. I know its on the website. You will understand when you read about our day from beginning to end. Next to making the decision to marry your girlfriend having Heather and The Yes Girls there by your side is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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