Engagement Photo Props

Engagement Photo Props

Make your engagement photos as unique as your relationship! Show your fun and quirky side with props to give an added unique flair.

    1. Umbrella. Shield the glaring sun, or stay dry amidst showers, an umbrella is a cute and classic prop for engagement pictures. It causes you to snuggle in close, and can be used for up close headshot type shots if it is extremely sunny outside to create a less harsh tone.
    2. Blanket/blanket scarf. This one is pretty popular, but make it your own! Use a t-shirt quilt of all of the races the two of you ran together, snuggle up in a blanket your mom crocheted for you when you left for college, etc. Props create an instant love story conversation piece.
      couple engagement photoshoot props
    1. Personalized drink ware. Engaved champagne flutes, Mr. and Mrs. coffee mugs, Starbucks coffee with a “fiancee” name written on the side, you get the idea. This creates an instant close up shot of your  left hand with that gorgeous sparkler. It creates a natural pose, and gives a lifestyle portrait vibe that can make you feel relaxed.
    2. Animals. Do you and your significant other share a pet? You can’t forget your furry friend when taking photos. Seize the opportunity to take a family photo with your pet. This doesn’t just have to apply to pets. Horses in a field, birds flying in a flock around you, butterflies in a garden, and many others are also great ways to incorporate animals to create a one of a kind photo.
      couple engagement photoshoot props
    1. Food/drink. You love chocolate truffles and he loves craft beer. Make a picnic out of it, displaying and styling it beautifully for a relaxed and cozy lifestyle portrait session. Feed each other for a romantic and intimate shot. You can’t get much more personal than indulging in your favorite food and drink.
    2. Transportation. Some of the best engagement photos are the ones taken between sites. Take photos on the metro, subway, in a taxi cab, on a bicycle, on a motorcycle, in your favorite car. This usually appeases to your man, so let him have fun with this!
      couple engagement photoshoot props


All images from Lindsay Davenport Photography

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