First Anniversary Gift Ideas

First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Last month was Aaron and I’s first wedding anniversary! I cannot believe that our wedding was already a year ago!! The traditional gift category for the first anniversary is paper. So I had to brainstorm ideas on paper products to get my husband and that definitely wasn’t easy! I ended up getting him an autographed picture of John Travolta from his favorite movie – Pulp Fiction. He loved it and it was so special to see his face when he realized it was autographed! For me, Aaron purchased a custom watercolor painting based off of one of our wedding pictures! Talk about thoughtful!! And, to top it all off, he had the artist hand-deliver it to our home as a bonus surprise! I was completely shocked and elated to get to meet this fellow creative!

So, if you’re looking for the perfect anniversary gift for your first wedding anniversary here are three ideas!

    1. Custom watercolor painting of the two of you. Obviously this is my number one choice :) There are a few artists out there that do this style of work, but my personal favorite is Simply Jessica Marie:
      first wedding anniversary gift - paper gift


    1. Custom calligraphy framed wedding picture. This is a chance for you to hire a calligrapher to write your wedding vows, or your first dance song lyrics on a framing-mat and then you can put your favorite wedding photo inside the picture! Caddy Corner Designs has a beautiful example of this type of work:
      first wedding anniversary gift - paper gift


    1. If you’re a little more into the DIY type of paper gifts, then you can get a large framed map and then cut out pictures of the two of you from each state. It then becomes a gift that you can continue to build onto as the two of you travel in your marriage! (Image Credit)
      first wedding anniversary gift - paper gift


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