John & Lindsay, Napa, CA

“There are two things that I wanted to pass onto guys that I found extremely valuable working with The Yes Girls. One was their overall creativity. Number two, which I found to be the biggest help, was just all the details. They were just awesome handling all those elements and just gave me a piece of mind, especially that week leading up.” – John

Brian & Toni, Dallas, TX

“I can’t express enough how easy The Yes Girls made the magic moment for me. I like to think that I am a romantic at heart, but I definitely know I am about the least creative guy I know. The fact that Elie took the information that I provided on the questionnaire, and tailored it specifically for Toni and I made it a ‘no brainer’ for me.” – Brian

Ryan & Karley, Orange County, CA

“I am so thankful that Ryan had the help of the girls to bring his vision to reality– a reality that was beyond anything I could have expected! I can’t thank you enough!” – Karley

Sanil & Herpreet, Key West, FL

“It was a great success! Everything worked out great, the island was perfect and I wish I could live there! The Palapa point was definitely the best location, it was more private and the gazebo worked out splendidly. Thank you for everything! You guys were awesome and made this whole experience so much better!” – Sanil

Kishan & Merisa, New York City, NY

“She loved it and was totally surprised! Thank you again for helping me coordinate from Trinidad. She loved that we brought our first date at the Paris Hotel (in Vegas) to NYC. We have a the best trip to NYC!” – Kishan

Jason & Vanessa, Orange County, CA

“Everything really did some out PERFECTLY!!!! I’m sure you can imagine all the responses we are getting from it all, which is great cause I am sure nothing makes Vanessa feel more special then all the small details and all the attention she is getting from it! You guys did more than I ever expected!” – Jason

Kevin & Swati, Chicago, IL

“Once again thank you for all the help, Swati loved it and it was magical! We will be sharing the proposal video at our engagement party so all our family and friends can see our entire engagement story! Thank you!!” – Kevin

Ryan & Sharon, Los Angeles, CA

“I can’t thank you and your team enough for the amazing job you did. I didn’t think my idea was possible, but you made it happen. You guys totally exceeded my expectations. Everything was way better than I could have imagined! Every little detail was spot on. It was simply PERFECT!” – Ryan


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