Gifts for your Gal: Flowers!

Gifts for your Gal: Flowers!

April showers bring beautiful flowers, but what do beautiful flowers mean? Happy ladies!

Yesterday I received the most beautiful flower arrangement and it led me to think, why doesn’t this happen more often? I love the pop of color, fresh fragrance, and presence of new life that flowers bring. I should be able to enjoy that more often and so should your girl. I know it sounds cheesy, but when was the last time you brought her home just a simple bouquet? Now that spring is here, it’s the best time! She can keep them in a vase to display at home, press them in a scrapbook with your notes and gifts through the years, or you can have them delivered to her work! Her coworkers will be wondering how she got to be so lucky. For an added bonus, drop in a note including a reason as to why those flowers made you think of her. Its incredible what such a small act can mean to your girl. Not only will she enjoy them while the flowers are fresh, there are so many ways to display them in your home.

GIVE YOUR GIRL FLOWERS flower gifts for you lady flower gifts for you wife

Image Credits: Beautiful Whimsical Flower Arrangement ; Dried Petals in a Window Frame ; Petals in a heart on burlap ;

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