Marriage Proposal Ideas

How to Pop the Question

The Do’s
Public vs Private Proposal? Who To Involve?

Who should be present at your marriage proposal? Just the two of you, her family and best friends, or perhaps a cheering crowd? REALLY think this one through.

Just because you are a sports fanatic does not mean her idea of a proposal is on the jumbotron. However, If she is a die hard fan, paints her face, and never misses a single game then go for it!

We have discovered most women prefer a proposal to take place in a private or semi-private manner. Some women prefer to have family and friends involved. Holidays are fun and personable atmospheres to pop the question; however, remember you will be competing with the busy holidays. There is always the option of an intimate setting for the two of you, followed by a surprise gathering of family and friends.

Attention To Details

Incorporating specific moments and details in your marriage proposal that she wouldn’t expect you to remember will leave her in awe. This is your chance to prove to her that you know her better than anyone else. Remember you want to make the marriage proposal about her by incorporating her interests and what she enjoys doing most with you. In other words, the only way to propose is to personalize the proposal to your relationship. DO NOT NEGLECT the little details; they are the icing on the cake and quite honestly, the best part!

Hire A Proposal Planner

Your proposal planner will be your best friend. She will help you avoid the common proposal day arguments because you’ll be confident that your plans are being executed flawlessly behind the scenes. If your girlfriend is running behind, your proposal planner will make the calls and adjustments so you remain present and still enjoy the special day. Your girlfriend will be grateful you made the effort to hire a proposal planner so you could give her the unforgettable proposal she always dreamed about.

A Short and Sweet Proposal Speech

Don’t put too much pressure on your proposal speech. Write a list of all the qualities you love about her and why you want her to be your wife. Choose a few to explain during your speech and save your outline for her to read later. Extra points for you there! Here’s a few more ideas on creating your marriage proposal speech.
Choose A Location Wisely

Location is key to setting the mood. This is where you can incorporate favorite memories together. This goes to show just how well you paid attention. If you are searching for the perfect location, here are a few our favorite spots for where to propose. However, do not get so caught up in location that it stops you from tuning into your creativity. Start with “how” you’re going to propose rather than “where” you’re popping the question and the possibilities will increase ten fold.

For example, if you want to take her to a Broadway musical, think bigger than proposing on stage. One of our proposal clients used the musical’s playbill to ask his girlfriend to marry him with a photo and description of her inside; he explained all her “star” qualities as she was greeted with roses from strangers outside the theater.

Get A Female’s Perspective

It’s so important to get a females opinion and perspective regarding your marriage proposal idea! Consult her friends, sisters, mom, etc. If you are nervous a close friend or family member may spoil the surprise, this is where The Yes Girls team can help. We provide you with a female’s perspective without ruining your surprise, which is why The Yes Girls™ have an outstanding success rate and overjoyed clients.

Get It On Camera

It’s simple. It’s one of the most cherished moments in your life so get it on film, camera or better, both! Honestly, your girlfriend probably won’t remember half of the sweet things you say so if it’s on film you just have to press play.

Keep The Surprise Factor

If you aren’t a typically “romantic guy,” planning a special date/getaway out of the blue is a total giveaway. She’ll have an appointment to get her nails done within the hour because it’s so obvious. Ask her friend to be a decoy so she is genuinely surprised.
The Dont’s
Throw Out Unoriginal Clichés

To be blunt, automatically rule out proposals via jumbotrons, fortune cookies, and over a “nice” dinner. If you are unsure on how to propose to your girlfriend, don’t settle because you would rather down play it than risk something going wrong. With a little thought and planning, you can go beyond cliché ideas. If you get stuck, consult her friends, sisters, mom, or brainstorm ideas with a Yes Girls Consultant to keep it a complete surprise.

Poor Planning = Poor Execution

Don’t wait until the week before to start brainstorming your marriage proposal idea. Yes, this can be done (we’ve done it) but it takes away from the extra details you COULD have included had you allotted yourself time to plan and prepare. If you don’t have a plan in place, and decide to wing it, chances are you will be flustered. More so, it WILL show you decided not to put in the time or effort. You only do this once so we promise it’s worth planning.
Don’t Make It All About You

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone just a little. It’s important to think about what your sweetheart would want. Many times we hear of proposals where the guy implements what he thinks is cool rather than what SHE would appreciate. Think about past memories, her favorite things, her personality type, her love language, and you’ll start to cater the proposal to her desires.

Don’t Act Out Of Character

You are keeping a big secret from the one person you usually tell everything to; therefore discuss the proposal with someone who can be your voice of reason and prevent you from blowing the surprise. Many women figure out it’s coming not because they are snooping around but their boyfriend starts acting differently. If you become overwhelmed it’s time to enlist some help!


Marriage Proposal Pointers

Considerations before planning your perfect marriage proposal from a proposal planner.
Timeless traditions

Is it important to your girlfriend that you ask her parents or someone in her family for their blessing? Even if you believe it’s an old tradition, take the time to call/skype her family or take them out to dinner before you pop the question. This way you avoid any hurt and surprised family members.

Timing is everything

Think ahead. Has she hinted at a Summer or Fall Wedding? It is always considerate to propose at least six months prior to the wedding. If she wants a shorter engagement then let her be the one to decide. Better safe on time than sorry.

Marriage proposal day/after she says yes

If you opt not to have friends or family present at the marriage proposal, make sure to allot time for her to call her folks and share the excitement with those closest to her! The perfect solution is to plan a surprise engagement party following the marriage proposal. Her parents, sister, aunt or best friend usually are more than willing to step up to the plate and coordinate the engagement party so you can focus and put your efforts into the marriage proposal.
Her engagement ring

Trying on rings beforehand is always a plus! Many women tend to love a certain style/setting until they try on the ring and find another style fits their finger better.
If you or her want the ring to be a complete surprise then do some research. Consult her best friends and listen carefully to any hints she drops. It is not a bad idea to have her friends take her ring shopping for fun; she may think you have no idea she browsed engagement rings, yet you were totally in the know with her friends.

On bended knee

It was and still is a form of respect when asking for her hand in marriage. When you ask her to marry you, without a doubt, get down on one knee.

You wore what?

As you begin brainstorming marriage proposal ideas, consider what your girlfriend would prefer to be wearing and doing before you propose. Believe it or not, girls do have a preference (whether dressy or casual). Some ladies want to be dolled up/dressed to impress, while others are comfortable rockin’ jeans and a tee as long as it’s a complete surprise. If you’re girlfriend typically wears make-up and is pretty trendy, it’s probably best not to propose while she is in her pjs. This is just something to consider.


Examples of Marriage Proposal Ideas

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A Boy Band Marriage Proposal

She got up and sang karaoke on their first date, bad voice and all, he returned the favor with a public, choreographed ensemble. View Full Marriage Proposal Story

Romance in Rome Marriage Proposal

With a home video and a personalized picnic he surprised her amongst breathtaking Roman fountains and gardens in Tivoli. She never saw it coming! View Full Marriage Proposal Story
Her Own Musical Marriage Proposal

He got her all dolled up before sending her to the performance of a lifetime. She arrived to the theater to find herself watching her favorite and very own musical. View Full Marriage Proposal Story

Sand Sculpture Marriage Proposal

This surfer girl found herself amongst a life-sized sand sculpture of herself and her dreams. View Full Marriage Proposal Story


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The History of the Marriage Proposal

  • “The marriage proposal on bended knee is still rather new to our society. Before a man began proposing on one knee, he used to kidnap his bride-to-be from her family’s home!” –
  • “Genuflection, bending one knee to the ground, was from early times a gesture of deep respect for a superior.” -wikipedia
  • Why give a marriage proposal on bended knee now? Some say it is showing a sign of respect, like when knights received an honor. Also, it gives the ring a chance to be showcased in between the man and woman.
  • “In the United Kingdom and Ireland, 29 February in a leap year is said to be the one day when a woman can propose to her partner.” -wikipedia
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