Meet The Yes Girls Interns


Meet the Interns


Naomi Wilson
Blog and Video Intern

A hopeless romantic and Pinterest wedding fanatic at heart, I’m a sucker for all things love, proposals and wedding planning. Being a student of communications and journalism at Springfield College has introduced me to the wonderful world of video producing and blogging and after sitting in front of a screen watching The Yes Girls’ proposal videos for hours on end, I knew I had to find an in! When I’m not obsessing over the latest wedding trends, I spend my time watching Audrey Hepburn, drinking iced caramel macchiatos, learning French, and planning my next Instagram post. Located: Springfield, MA


Abbie Clinton
Blog and Event Design Intern

I’ve always been a social person, ever since I was little, and I’ve always been very OCD about everything and organizing things from the first step.. Those two qualities combined began my love affair with wedding planning. I graduated from The University of Alabama where I studied hospitality management with a concentration in events. I am currently working full time as an Event Manager in San Antonio, Texas, while doing some wedding planning and photography on the side. I’ve always been in love with love, so you can say I’m quite excited to be working for this amazing company. Located: San Antonio, TX


Megan Ellis
Event Design and Proposal Ideas Intern

My love for all things wedding and romance led me to The Yes Girls in 2015, where I was given the opportunity to share my current “swoons” weekly via The Yes Girls’ blog. I’m currently going to school for design, in hopes of combining my passions and helping couples convey their love stories in the perfect way! Located: Springfield, MO


Leah Blankespoor
Blog Intern

I’ve always loved love. Being engaged, I have a passion to help other engaged couples with wedding planning, advice, DIYs, & anything related to their big day. I’m a senior in Event Management with a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies at Iowa State University. Just recently I returned from a semester abroad in Europe. I was a blog intern for the Iowa State Study Abroad Center, which is where I fell in love with the blogging world. Located: Ames, IA

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