New Ways to do a Sweetheart Table

New Ways to do a Sweetheart Table

Recently, I attended a wedding of a family member and was blown away at the couple’s ability to create a personal connection to each of their guests! Not only did they make the usual rounds at the reception, it often felt as if I was just sitting in their living room, having a chat over drinks. One of the details that played such a big part in the approachable feeling was the way they decided to conduct their sweetheart table! Instead of sitting at the head of the room with a table and chairs, the couple opted to ditch the formality and bring in a couch, which was placed off to the side. When the bride sat down to take off her heels and relax a bit, guests knew it was okay to stop by, chat, and to make themselves at home. It’s amazing what such a simple piece of furniture can do for the mood on your big day! Here are some examples of creative ways to conduct a sweetheart table!

Wedding Sweetheart Table mr and mrs gold sign on back of couch intimate and casual sweetheart table

Image Credits: Stop by & Say Hi Picture ; Mr & Mrs Couch ; Picnic Sweetheart Table


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