Perfect Marriage Proposal Speech Download

our ready-made template that you can customize

With our crafted marriage proposal speech download, your 1 minute proposal speech will seamlessly come together to give her that surprise proposal moment! We wanted our “proposers” to be able to save time while not overlooking the most important details in a proposal speech.


What does download come with?

  • Instant Download – write your proposal speech in 10 minutes
  • A Perfectly Timed Speech – 1 page layout to fill in the most important details and your favorite memories without getting too lengthy
  • The “Must Do’s” for your proposal speech
  • Makes Your Words Count- beautifully addresses why you want to marry your future fiancee
  • Calms Your Nerves – don’t wing it on the spot and fumble over words


“This was really helpful thank you! I wanted my speech to come from my heart but also didn’t want to wing it and forget everything. I like that it touched on the important points in our relationship. Thanks for the tips to make it right.” – Ryan H.

Give her a proposal speech that makes her want to jump into your arms!