Proposal Survival Kit

5 tools he needs for a successful proposal


  1. Marry Me? Box Sock (pocket sock hides ring box to keep the proposal a surprise)
  2. Discreet Thin Ring Box
  3. Bling Wipe to clean and make her ring extra sparkly for the engagement day
  4. Immediate Download: Proposal Ideas ebook by The Yes Girls (to help with the planning logistics, creating the most memorable proposal idea while also avoiding common proposal mistakes and non-cheesy ideas!
  5. Immediate Download: Proposal Speech Template (to help calm the nerves on what to say and how to deliver it)


Planning a proposal can be overwhelming and stressful. Whether you are planning the proposal on your own or helping a son, brother, or friend pop the question, these 5 resources will guide you through the main things he’ll need for planning the proposal. We put together this Proposal Survival Kit to help ensure the proposal remains a complete surprise.