Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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1st Anniversary Gift: Paper

Why paper for year one? It’s said that paper represents the interlaced threads that make a paper whole. Here are a few first wedding anniversary gift ideas. Put together a photo book from the honeymoon, a suitcase filled with her favorite magazines and books, or post notes around the house that explain why you love and appreciate your spouse. The notes can lead her/him to a special date that includes toasting with your wedding champagne flutes and eating the top layer of your wedding cake. If you didn’t save it, just order a mini cake with the same frosting and filling. You can set this up in your own backyard!
7th Anniversary Gift: Wool

Congrats you made it past the “seven year hump.” The tradition of wool symbolizes the comfort, warmth and durability you’ve found in one another. This year you can give your spouse a wool blanket and with your sewn monogram. If your wedding anniversary is during the fall or winter seasons you can set up the blanket next to your fireplace, roast marshmallows, and watch one of your favorite romantic comedies together.
15th Wedding Anniversary Gift: Crystal

Crystal is magnificent but still needs to be handled with care. What a perfect reminder for marriage. Cook your spouse a special five-course meal, or better yet, create the menu you had on your wedding day. Use crystal stemware to savor your delicious yet memorable meal.
25th Wedding Anniversary Gift: Silver

Congrats on a quarter of a century together! The tradition of silver signifies brilliance and we believe 25 years together is pretty brilliant! Of course a new piece of silver jewelry or adding another band to your wedding and engagement ring is always an option.
40th Wedding Anniversary Gift: Ruby

The ruby represents the inner flame and passion that are still burning in your marriage. Is it time for a party? An anniversary party with the sparkling touch of ruby decor is a great way to add tradition in a non-traditional way. Think red wine, ruby florals, ruby paper lanterns, etc. Ask your children, friends, and family to bring a photo and write (in ruby red ink) a special memory they have with your spouse which can be framed and used for centerpieces. For a true adventure, visit a town/place called “Ruby” such as Ruby River in Utah or Washington!
60th Wedding Anniversary Gift: Diamond

The classic diamond, or yellow diamond, given on 60th wedding anniversaries is a display of your unconquerable and persevering love. Your spouse was your diamond in the rough, so create a memorable box that incorporates milestones in your relationship (engagement, wedding, pets, kids, first home, favorite job, favorite restaurant, first church, etc.). At your favorite spot (in your backyard, home, park, beach, etc.) place the diamond earrings, ring, etc. in the box with other memorabilia from your wedding day. Place a visable sign indicating for her/him to uncover to find out whats below. Many beloved couples say they got through life by laughing together, so why not make this wedding anniversary a day to reflect and laugh with one another?
5th Wedding Anniversary Gift: Wood

Plan a romantic outdoor picnic in the park/woods to celebrate the strength of your relationship. Hang photos and words that represent your first five years of marriage together from a tree and set up your picnic beneath. For an extra touch, hang the photos and words in wooden frames.
10th Anniversary Gift: Tin

Traditionally speaking this is considered your first milestone wedding anniversary. The tin represents a ten year marriage that “can bend and be flexible, but will not break.” If you are taking a trip this year, present the plane tickets, small items you’ll need for your vacation, and breakfast in bed on a beautiful tin tray. For an added touch, engrave her favorite Bible verse, your wedding vows, or quote on the tin tray.
20th Wedding Anniversary Gift

China represents a beautiful love. This one is for men to give to women. As one of your anniversary gifts, fill a china vase with her favorite flowers. Attach a note on each stem that shares qualities you love about her. If you are surprising her with a trip or special gift, each stem can have a clue to where you are going or where that special gift is hidden.
30th Anniversary Gift: Pearl (Diamond)

Need a vacation? The pearl is the perfect gift to present your exotic vacation to Bora Bora, Australia, Hawaii, etc. Grab snorkeling gear and leave a pair of pearl earrings or pearl cuff links inside the goggles. It’s time for you to go pearl diving (or maybe just snorkeling) and the beach is calling your names. If you aren’t into the pearl, nowadays couples will give diamonds for their 30th anniversary, which is a pretty easy gift to give to any woman!
50th Anniversary Gift: Gold

Hands down the most celebrated “golden” wedding anniversary. The tradition of gold signifies strength and optimism. Why not relive your wedding day?! Pour (golden) champagne, renew the vows you said 50 years ago, and dance to your “first dance” song! In gold pen write a list of things you still want to experience together and start checking away.


5 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Anniversary

1. Give the wedding anniversary gift or trip the PRESENTATION it deserves. Don’t just tell your spouse that you are going somewhere for your anniversary. Use a prop, video or leave a printed itinerary somewhere they wouldn’t expect to find it.

2. Pay attention and LISTEN closely! As it starts to get closer to your wedding anniversary put on your listening ears. See if your spouse mentions something s/he wants or somewhere they want to go. Perhaps you notice they are weighed down by cleaning, yard work or piles of laundry? Part of your gift can be giving your spouse more free time and having someone take care of that chore for him/her.

3. PLAN well. If your spouse has a busy weekend with your kid’s schedules or a significant project at work, don’t plan a night/weekend to celebrate during that “busyness”; they won’t be present or able to enjoy the anniversary. Even if your wedding anniversary passes, give a thoughtful card on the day of, and celebrate at a time that works best for you both.

4. If you’re in charge of planning the wedding anniversary this year, add in a SURPRISE that’s specific to what your spouse would appreciate (ie: Broadway show, a facial, horseback ride, etc); LOVINGLY PARTICIPATE without any complaints. However, since it’s a celebration of your marriage, also plan activities you love to do together!

5. NEVER PRETEND YOU FORGOT your wedding anniversary to pull off a better surprise. This will get you nowhere. Especially with women.


Ways To Spruce Up Your Romantic Wedding Anniversary

For busy professionals, moms and dads, and over-occupied couples alike, pursuing romance may not always feel accessible. However, every wedding anniversary represents another year of commitment and a reason to celebrate. Whether it is your 5th, 25th or 50th wedding anniversary, you don’t have to settle for a typical date. Any couple can make their anniversary special!

The Yes Girls™, our team of romance planners, came up with five doable ways to make your wedding anniversary celebration go from good to wow! These few, simple guidelines will not only make any romantic date even more exceptional but your romantic efforts won’t go unnoticed.

An unforgettable date or romantic getaway is worth setting aside time for. Get started on your romantic anniversary here!

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