Wedding Stationary You Never Knew You Needed

Wedding Stationary You Never Knew You Needed

With the 2015 Wedding Season wrapping up it’s time to start thinking about the 2016 Brides. If you’re searching for the perfect personalized touches for your wedding stationary, check out some of these tips and suggestions we have found :)

  1. Personalized stamps
    Chances are, the first thing your guests are going to see when they receive their invitation is the stamp.  Do you really want an American Flag or the state bird representing your wedding? A themed and personalized stamp will display how special the piece of mail truly is!
    personalized wedding stationary
  2. Matching invitations, response cards, menu cards, etc.
    It’s easy to choose different invitations, response cards, etc. that you love, but if they are not a set, they can start to look messy and unorganized.  Zazzle has matching sets that you can use leading up to the wedding, and at the wedding itself (cue the personalized cocktail napkins).
    personalized wedding stationary
  3. Address Labels
    Save yourself the trouble (and hand cramps) by purchasing pre-addressed labels.   While you’ll still have to fill out your guests’ address, you’ll be saving yourself half the work by simply using a sticker in place of your own.  A major plus: if you buy extra, you can use them for mail even after the wedding is over!
    personalized wedding stationary
  4. Belly Bands
    Belly Bands are used to hold the many pieces of the invitation suite together.  Not to mention, they look extra classy and can really help tie in your wedding theme.
    personalized wedding stationary
  5. Thank You Cards
    Thank you cards are necessary no matter what kind of wedding you choose.  If you don’t do anything else traditional, consider keeping the hand-written thank you cards.  This shows appreciation for your guests, who have not only spent money to buy amazing wedding presents, but have also put thought and consideration into what would make you, the couple, happy.
    personalized wedding stationary
  6. Fancy Envelopes
    Weddings are all about the details, and nothing makes a wedding invitation more special than having a gold, patterened, or sequin-lined envelope.
    personalized wedding stationary


All of these products, and thousands of more options, are available on

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