Where to Find Ring Inspiration

Where to Find Ring Inspiration

Are you thinking about proposing, but have no idea where to even start when shopping for a ring?  You’re definitely not alone!  The ring is one of the most important parts of the proposal and it’s something she’ll wear for the rest of her life-  there’s a reason the pressure is on to find the perfect ring.  So if she hasn’t dropped any hints yet, how are you supposed to know what her dream ring is? We have a few tips on how to (secretly) find the ring that will guarantee a “YES!”

Ring Inspiration
Check her Pinterest

This is one of the easiest ways to find out what kind of ring she’s pining for.  Most girls have been pinning ideas for their future wedding for years, so chances are that she has pinned a picture of one or two (or ten) rings that she thought were just stunning.  If you can’t find the exact ring from the pictures, you can always print them off and take them to a ring store to find the closest match.

Ring Inspiration
Ask her sisters or best friends

Talking to the women who are closest to her is also an easy way to find out her style.  Chances are, the people she chooses to spend her time around has very similar or the same taste as her.  They will be able to lead you don’t the right path and let you know if you pick something that she just wouldn’t be crazy about.

Ring inspiration
Follow Along on Fridays

Every Friday, we feature unique rings and designers.  If you’re in need of inspiration, we have plenty of that to go around!  We find the prettiest rings and diamonds, so there’s no way you could go wrong with any of the rings we feature.

Ring inspiration
Ask a YES Girl!

We’re girls, we’re obsessed with proposals, and we like to think we have pretty good taste!  Who better to hire to help you plan your proposal- including advice about the ring?  We want to make the proposal the best day of her life as much as you do, so of course we’re happy to tell you our favorite trends, as well as what we think she’ll like best!  Ready to take that step?  Send us a message and let us know how we can help!


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