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Your Autumn Bucket List

Your Autumn Bucket List

I think we can agree that autumn brings out the best in us all. It’s the calm before the storm of the holiday season, and the reprieve we long for after the hot summer months. Although it never seems to last as long as we’d wish, the best way to get the most out of your autumn is to make a list of fun seasonal activities and slowly make your way through them. Here’s some of my favorite things to do once the cooler weather hits – lets call it your autumn date night bucket list!.


  • Visit a pumpkin patch: Seems like a no brainer as far as autumn activities, but for many years I never considered going back. I always associated pumpkin patches with being a little kid, but they are just as much fun for the grown-ups! (Image Credit)
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  • Take a day trip: If like me you live anywhere near small towns you probably love taking a drive over and spending a whole day there. In the summer it’s always a little too hot to enjoy walking around all day, but the cooler weather and fall spirit makes these trips ideal.
  • Go apple picking: Similar to a pumpkin patch, apple picking consists of lovely outdoor days choosing which fruits you’re going to be taking home. Plus if you pick the right orchard, you can often add hot apple ciders and homemade pie to the end of your day. (Image Credit)
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  • Find a fall festival: Fall festivals are easily one of my favorite things to do! Year round I look forward to these days, filled with carnival games, live music, craft booths, and delicious fall treats. If I could spend my whole life at a fall festival I would be more than happy.
  • Make leaf piles: While this activity calls for a bit of chore, once you’ve raked up enough leaves and your pile is up past your waist, there’s nothing more freeing than jumping in. So maybe you have to immediately rake the leaves back up…but it’s all worth it. (Image Credit)
    autumn to do list 2017


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