5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Wedding Anniversary + Gifts

5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Wedding Anniversary + Gifts

If you are stuck and wondering just what to do for your upcoming anniversary here are a few helpful pointers from The Yes Girls to get you started.

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1. Give the wedding anniversary gift or trip the presentation it deserves. Don’t just tell your spouse that you are going somewhere for your anniversary. Use a prop, video or leave a printed itinerary somewhere they wouldn’t expect to find it. It makes the “giving” of the present much more fun and exciting for you too! 

2. Pay attention and listen closely! As it starts to get closer to your wedding anniversary put on your listening ears. See if your spouse mentions something s/he wants or somewhere they want to go. Perhaps you notice they are weighed down by cleaning, yard work or piles of laundry? Part of your gift can be giving your spouse more free time and having someone take care of that chore for him/her.

3. Plan well. If your spouse has a busy weekend with your kids schedules or a significant project at work don’t plan a night/weekend to celebrate during that “busyness”; they won’t be present or able to enjoy the anniversary. Even if your wedding anniversary passes, give a thoughtful card on the day of, and celebrate at a time that works best for you both.

4. If you’re in charge of planning the wedding anniversary this year, add in a surprise that’s specific to what your spouse would appreciate (ie: broadway show, a facial, horseback ride, etc); lovingly participate without any complaints. However, since it’s celebration of your marriage, also plan activities you love to do together!

5. Never pretend you forgot your wedding anniversary to pull off a better surprise. This will get you nowhere, especially with women.





Looking for an awesome wedding anniversary gift?

Here are a few gift ideas we put together that incorporate the traditional element with a modern twist.


It’s said that paper represents the interlaced threads that make paper one. Here are some 1st anniversary gift ideas. Put together a photo book of the honeymoon or post notes around the house that you love and appreciate about your spouse. The notes can led her/him to a special date that includes toasting with your wedding champagne flutes and eating the top layer of your wedding cake. If you didn’t save it, just order a mini cake with the same frosting and filling. You can even set this up in your own backyard!


Plan a romantic outdoor picnic in the park/woods to celebrate the strength of your relationship. Hang photos and words that represent your first 5 years of marriage together from a tree and set up your picnic beneath. For an extra touch, hang the photos and words in wooden frames.


Traditionally speaking this is considered your first milestone wedding anniversary. The tin represents a ten year marriage that “can bend and be flexible, but will not break.” If you are taking a trip this year, you could present the plane tickets, small items you’ll need for your vacation, and breakfast in bed on a beautiful tin tray. For an added touch engrave her favorite Bible verse, your wedding vows, or quote on the tin tray.


Need a vacation? The pearl is the perfect gift to present your exotic vacation to Bora Bora, Australia, Hawaii, etc. Grab snorkeling gear and leave pearl earrings or a pearl cuff links inside the goggles. It’s time for you to go pearl diving (or maybe just snorkeling) and the beach is calling your names. If you aren’t into the pearl, nowadays couples will give diamonds for their 30th anniversary, which is a pretty easy gift to give to any woman!

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