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date night planning service


    Price: $100

    Looking for QUARANTINE STYLE DATE NIGHT IDEAS? We will customize your date night ideas to be creative, romantic and something you can do at home! Stay safe while staying intentional with date night!

    Fight off the boring, go-to date nights. Whether you want us to create super personalized date night ideas or find the best new events and date activity ideas specific to your city, these date nights are all about your preferences. We make date nights ideas convenient for your stage of life and relationship while giving you that extra touch of intentionality that relationships crave.


    Planning Fee: Hourly Rate

    As your personal romance concierge service (or some improved version of “Hitch”) our joy is watching relationships thrive. The Yes Girls™, a team of experienced romance planners, will send you 2 romantic date ideas, you select your preferred date night, and then we take care of the planning so you and your significant other can just enjoy a new experience and each other.

    No matter your location, we will customize your date night experience to your preferences.

Amp up your relationship with

Schedule Me In

The Date Night and Relationship Planner

date night planner and calendarwhat's inside Schedule Me In planner

“OBSESSED with my Schedule Me In planner! As life changes, sometimes we unintentionally begin to neglect one of our most important relationships, the one with our partner. Without solid time together, we can’t be the best for our family. I especially love that it offers great ideas and makes it fun to do together.” – Sam

Need a quick date night idea?

We have 5 amazing ideas you can do right from home for less than $5/idea. Each date comes with beautifully designed prints and digital downloads which will complete your ideas and effort (ie. wine tasting scorecard, a cute invitation to date night, personalize ticket premiere, etc). Whether you’re on a time crunch, travel inhibited, have kiddos at home, etc YOU CAN DO THESE IDEAS AND THEY WILL BE SO ROMANTIC!

Date Night Ideas Kit only $24.99 


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Cheers to pursuing fun, romantic, and new experiences with your favorite person.