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Date Night Services

“Never stop dating each other.”


Date Night Ideas  

Free Monthly Membership

Fight off the boring, go-to date nights with TYG’s Date Night Pass! Join thousands of couples who receive fun date night ideas that are easy to plan while providing new and exciting experiences every month!

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Custom Date Night Ideas & Planning  

Date Night Planning Fee: $100 Deposit

As your personal romance concierge service (or some improved version of “Hitch”) our joy is watching relationships thrive.  The Yes Girls™, a team of experienced romance planners, will send you 2 or more romantic date ideas, you select your preferred date night, and then we take care of the planning so you and your significant other can just enjoy a new experience and each other.

No matter your location, we will customize your date night. In your date night profile, you will be able to select your preferred frequency, interests, budget, etc. and we will send custom date ideas and estimated pricing.

Package Details

1.  You fill out and submit your date night profile (automatically becomes available upon booking below).

2. You receive 2 or more personalized date night ideas. We will send you specific times, events, photos, detailed ideas and estimated costs according to your location.

3. You choose your preferred date night idea and we will schedule and book required items. Please note, date items such as cost of dinner, tickets, personalized gifts, etc. are not included in $100 deposit. Our planning fee is based off number of hours and vendors required.

4. Enjoy your fun and romantic date!

Interested in us planning more than 1 date night? We can plan 2 or more date nights a month for a discounted rate. 

Date Night Service Benefits

  • Date Nights are personal and memorable.  We brainstorm and come up with fun date night experiences with your interests in mind. Some examples: have a personalized dinner menu and meet the chef, a private wine tasting experience, try a new activity like a hot air balloon ride, or have thoughtful gift delivered to their work inviting them to your “date night”.
  • No matter your location, we will customize your date night.
  • Quality vendors at discounted rates. Our broad yet hand-selected vendors give our clients the most bang for their buck. Good deals are always a good thing right?
  • Now you can enjoy at least one unique Date Night experience per month   Enjoying your typical go-to date is wonderful but at least once a month switch it up with a new experience. You can avoid worrying about where to go last minute or overdue alone time.
  • Get it on the calendar. Life’s demands can occupy much of our time. With our Date Night Services you and your significant other have the flexibility of choosing your Date Night preferences. For example, if you got engaged on the 7th, we can schedule a set date night on the 7th of every month


The Yes Girls™ donates 10% of all profits to to provide clean water to those in need and 3 Strands Non-Profit to help provide rescue for human trafficking.


Cheers to fun, romantic, and new experiences with your favorite person.


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