What is a Proposal Planner

What Is A Proposal Planner?

  • A proposal planner is passionate about relationships and romance.
  • The best proposal planners, aka The Yes Girls, will always customize marriage proposal ideas to a couple’s relationship.
  • A proposal planner doesn’t personally know your girlfriend so she can provide a females perspective without spoiling the surprise.
  • A proposal planner saves you time and gets you discounted vendor rates without compromising the quality.
  • A proposal planner is someone who assists in the execution of a marriage proposal so the fiancé-to-be can enjoy the proposal as well.
  • A proposal planner has access to quality resources and vendors when you don’t have the time or energy to research.
  • A proposal planner will do everything in her power to make sure your marriage proposal experience and day is a story worth telling.


Why Hire A Proposal Planner?

Would you cook a five course meal and serve it on a paper plate? Of course not. Hiring a proposal planner to help with your romantic (and stress-free) execution is the same idea. Your special someone and her ring deserve better than a cliche or unorganized idea or chances are you wouldn’t be proposing. The reality is, your proposal story will be told again and again and again… It can easily be one your future fiancee is excited to share. An experienced and creative proposal planner can take a proposal from jumbled ideas to unbelievable, and it’s worth every penny! We’ll prove it!

A proposal planner stops arguments before they ever start

It’s a common theme for couples to get into tiffs on their marriage proposal day. Some may wonder, why is this? Typically, the guy is so focused on everything going smoothly and in a timely manner, that any delay or off-set caused by his soon-to-be fiancee strikes his anxiety cord. When you have a proposal planner taking care of the set-up and timeline, you aren’t so focused on your plans unraveling at the seams. If she is a little delayed, no big deal; it’s definitely not worth the argument because your proposal planner and vendors can adjust. With a simple text message to your coordinator, your problems are solved.

A proposal planner customizes your thoughtful proposal

You definitely want to find a proposal planner with the best resources and experience. A creative and experienced proposal planner can help brainstorm personalized proposal ideas so your marriage proposal is unlike any other guys out there. We cannot stress enough…personalizing your proposal is key. Our team, The Yes Girls, specialize in personalized, remarkably detailed, marriage proposals and that’s the only way we believe it should be done. Proposals should exuberate originality and be catered to your relationship, considering no relationship is identical to another.
A proposal planner provides a female’s perspective

If you don’t have a sister or trust any of the females in your life to not spill the beans, a proposal planner will be your best friend. A proposal planner is not in your circle of friends, so your secret is kept safe. With your proposal planner, you can find reassurance by confirming your proposal idea is romantic, thoughtful and female approved.

A proposal planner was born to plan

It’s really that simple. If you don’t have the time or the resources, such as relationships with quality and affordable photographers in your area, your proposal planner will. Creating a thoughtful proposal is not based on having an endless budget (although that would be nice wouldn’t it?), but on the right vendors and creative details. A proposal planner has resources and/or does the intensive research to make sure come day-of, your proposal will be flawlessly executed. The small, thoughtful details such as her favorite photo, flower, or painting take a proposal from good to wow. You’ll be too busy to worry about all the elements coming together, but your proposal planner is not. From our own experience we know with an amazing group of vendors and a proposal planner contracting, negotiating with, and confirming vendors/set-up, your proposal agenda will be orchestrated effectively all behind the scenes, so you can enjoy the proposal day with your girlfriend. You just bring the ring!


Watch Some of Our Past Clients’ Marriage Proposals Stories

Hopefully you are now convinced you can actually enjoy planning your marriage proposal.
No need to dread the “romance stuff” any longer. The Yes Girls can help with everything from “how to pop the question” to finding the best photographer for your engagement.  Let’s get started on planning your perfect marriage proposal she has always dreamed about!
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