FAQs | Why Hire A Proposal Planner?

your one-of-a-kind love story is worth the investment

Many many thanks for your attention to detail and dedicated assistance to make this happen. Absolutely above and beyond anything I could’ve imagined! Thank you!!” – Ndaba

  • Q. What Makes You Different From Other Companies?

    We are the original proposal planners with over 13 years of experience. That equals thousands of proposals under our belt! Our Creative Team has endless ideas and are constantly dreaming bigger than before. Our expert planners know the ins and outs of the proposal process like nobody else. Contrary to popular belief – this is very different from weddings, and we know our stuff. We’re experts at thinking through the flow of your day in order to keep your stress low and her surprise high. We are trained to select quality vendors that give our clients the most bang for their buck without compromising quality.

    Take a look at our portfolio to see all our couples’ “YES” moments! Seeing their pure joy will have you hooked!

  • Q. Where do you plan proposals? In the US? Internationally?

    We plan proposals all over the US and internationally. In fact, we have planned 3000+ proposals across the United States (Napa, Bay Area, Southern California, Dallas, NYC, Florida are some of our most popular locations) and a handful of proposals abroad including Rome and Playa Del Carmen. We successfully do so through our preferred vendor lists, experience in what to look out for and what to avoid, extensive researching, and booking quality vendors wherever your proposal destination may be. To say we are detail-oriented would be an understatement.

  • Q. Is my girlfriend going to care if I used a proposal planner?

    Words from girlfriends themselves:

    “Love love love!!!! Thank y’all for helping R-chie pull this off! You gals are the best!!!!!” – Diane, fiancée

    “I LOVE the Yes Girls! I read the sweet proposal stories & want to be one of them! My boyfriend (of 4 years) and I picked out my engagement ring weeks ago…but he still hasn’t popped the question. I love him and want to marry him with or without a romantic proposal. But…….I would prefer to have a thoughtful (and romantic) proposal, of course!”- J, girlfriend

    “Seriously, you need to talk to my boyfriend. I would love it if he used your help to make it romantic. I’m obsessed with what you do!” -Valarie, girlfriend

  • Q. What is the difference between other companies packages and your custom packages?

    The Yes Girls specialize in PERSONALIZED marriage proposals not “insert here” packages. A pre-set package is the “easy” route but when it comes to the proposal your lovely lady doesn’t want easy but thoughtful. Every girl wants their proposal to be personal. Yes, we believe every single one. Secondly, we provide you with a female’s perspective! No proposal is alike or reused like the ideas you will find surfing the internet. Our team believes in originality and catering marriage proposal ideas to your relationship versus a “insert here” scenario with red rose petals and candles that lacks some effort. Proposing marriage is a sacred moment in your relationship, which is why each of our clients receive a personal consultant to discuss, create, plan and customize their marriage proposal. There is no reason for you to use another man’s marriage proposal idea. Furthermore, we will gather quality vendors within your budget, and handle the day of coordination so all you have to remember is to bring her engagement ring!

    Would you cook a five course meal and serve it on a paper plate? Of course not.

    Hiring an experienced proposal planner to help with your romantic (and stress-free) execution is the same idea. Your special someone and her ring deserve better than a cliche or unorganized idea or chances are you wouldn’t be proposing. The reality is, your proposal story will be told again and again and again… It can easily be one your future fiancee is excited to share. An experienced and creative proposal planner can take a proposal from jumbled ideas to unbelievable, and it’s worth every penny! We’ll prove it!

  • Q. How do you customize my wedding proposal?

    First, we ask our clients to fill out our relationship questionnaire; the questionnaire gives us information on the couple’s personalities, special memories, favorite things, etc. From there, our clients always receive a step by step and VERY detailed marriage proposal idea and/or planning sheet. Each of our marriage proposal services can be customized to your satisfaction so we stay within your budget while handling any the necessary planning.

  • Q. How much should I plan to spend on my proposal?

    Every client’s marriage proposal is custom so it really comes down to personal budget and proposal idea. On average, clients spend around $6,000+ for Package 2. However, we have assisted with proposals ranging from $4,000 upwards to $100,000+.

    A bonus working with The Yes Girls, we get our clients discounts with quality vendors (photographers, videographers, and jewelers for their engagement rings). So in the end, the discounts that our clients receive from our library of vendors easily makes it work the investment.

  • Q. I want to surprise my wife. Do you plan re-proposals?

    Absolutely. Whether you never got to give her a romantic marriage proposal or it’s your 15 year anniversary and you just want to surprise her with a re-proposal, The Yes Girls will help make it personalized and memorable for you both. You can get started by visiting our wedding anniversary package or if you prefer to focus solely on the proposal, then visit our marriage proposal packages. Many clients prefer to combine a re-proposal with a vow renewal which is just the most romantic thing EVER!

  • Q. Is her dream proposal worth the investment?

    Many men spend thousands of dollars on an engagement ring yet spend little time planning the best marriage proposal possible. It’s really the same concept as unwrapping a gift; the anticipation of what’s inside the pretty box makes receiving the present even more exciting! You can exchange or return an engagement ring but you cannot recreate how you first popped the question.

    Simply put, it’s in the top three most memorable moments in a one’s life (next to the wedding day and births).

    According to research, 80% of women were disappointed in how they were proposed to by their fiancé/husband. Your thoughtful effort towards creating her dream proposal will be a simple reminder of why her answer was “Yes!” You will be so proud when she brags about your amazing marriage proposal rather than shies away from telling her friends. Always start by avoiding the two common blunders in marriage proposals; one, a man makes it all about his interests or two, his lack of planning leads to a poor presentation. Actually, this is why The Yes Girls Events was created, to help men avoid those common mistakes.

  • Q. How will you help on the day of the proposal?

    A TYG proposal planner stops arguments before they ever start

    It’s a common theme for couples to get into tiffs on their marriage proposal day. Some may wonder, why is this? Typically, the guy is so focused on everything going smoothly and in a timely manner, that any delay or off-set caused by his soon-to-be fiancee strikes his anxiety cord. When you have a proposal planner taking care of the set-up and timeline, you aren’t so focused on your plans unraveling at the seams. If she is a little delayed, no big deal; it’s definitely not worth the argument because your proposal planner and vendors can adjust. With a simple text message to your coordinator, your problems are solved.

    A TYG proposal planner gives you that female perspective

    If you don’t have a sister or trust any of the females in your life to not spill the beans, a proposal planner will be your best friend. A proposal planner is not in your circle of friends, so your secret is kept safe. With your proposal planner, you can find reassurance by confirming your proposal idea is romantic, thoughtful and female approved.

    A TYG proposal planner helps keeps your proposal a surprise

    We are experienced with the best ruses and were born to plan. It’s really that simple. If you don’t have the time or the resources, or you’re traveling for the proposal, it’s easy for the surprise to slip. Our team has the resources and/or does the intensive research to make sure come day-of, your proposal will be flawlessly executed. The small, thoughtful details such as her favorite photo, flower, or painting take a proposal from good to wow. You’ll be too busy to worry about all the elements coming together, but your proposal planner is not. From our own experience we know with an amazing group of vendors and a proposal planner contracting, negotiating with, and confirming vendors/set-up, your proposal agenda will be orchestrated effectively all behind the scenes, so you can enjoy the proposal day with your girlfriend while keeping it a total suprise. You just bring the ring!