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By The Yes Girls, The World’s First Proposal Planners

Looking to plan the perfect proposal? Let’s ditch the “insert couple here” scenario and make it all about you two. Why? It’s your love story and this moment should reflect your relationship, memories, and her favorite things.

Watch this quick video as Heather explains, “How to easily get started on your personalized marriage proposal.”


Bottom line. Whether you’re looking for an intimate and special evening or a grand gesture to show your love, we catered the proposal ideas to YOUR relationship. When your future fiancée walks into that perfect proposal location, she’ll knows every piece of décor, the flowers, colors, memories, and more were created just for her.


HOW IT WORKS (aka why this package is a no brainer):

    • Step 1. Fill Out Relationship question so we can get to know you two (trust us this is so worth it). If you have some elements you want to include, we’ll tie those in and them some. If you have a certain budget or timeframe in mind, we take that all into account.
    • Step 2. Our incredible Creative Team brainstorms and sends you two completely custom marriage proposal ideas catered to your relationship and budget (NOT from a stock pile list of ideas) within (4) business days. Your ideas will include all the step by step thoughtful details and a photo board so you can envision your memorable moment.
    • Step 3. Let’s chat about it! We include a 30 minute consultation to review your specific ideas, go over any questions, and give you your best next steps to bring your favorite proposal idea to life. Whether that’s The Yes Girls planning, booking all the vendors, and coordinating your proposal to a tee (aka upgrading to our planning package) or giving you the tools you need to book the necessary vendors and personalized pieces, we don’t leave you hanging.

Feeling a little less stressed? This is us giving your virtual high five! Now let’s make it happen!


Book Marriage Proposal Package Now

Price: $399

Here’s what you need to know about The Yes Girls: We care about relationships. We truly believe in PERSONALIZING this experience and we have planned over 3000 custom proposals for our incredible clients so we know our stuff.


how to set up a surprise proposal

“I can’t thank you gals enough for helping me with ideas. It was really what I needed to knock this out of the park. Truly a great service what y’all offer. ” – Robinson

Beach proposal in newport beach ca

Oh my god I love them… that just came out of my mouth as I was reading. And thank you for getting them to me so quickly… that was absolutely worth the money. They are both totally fabulous! THANK YOU SO MUCH!” Bryan

viansa Winery marriage Proposal in napa

Thank you so much for the proposal ideas!  I really appreciate your thoughts and the time you spent generating these suggestions.  I have no doubt that she would love either idea.” Kevin

Oscar and Kyra Okbaby Winter marriage proposal in deer valley utah

“I truly would like to start off by saying thank you! You and your team have exceeded my expectations. The amount of happiness that you have helped create for me and my fiancée is unbelievable! Our families are overjoyed with the quality of work that you and your team have provided.” Joshua

wedding proposal planner the yes girls New York City

“These ideas look amazing! Thank you very much for your very detailed work, it is way more than I was expecting. I just read them and have not decided yet which way to take as both are really romantic and cover our personal history.” Jaime

tons of flowers and helicopter proposal in san francisco

“Great ideas! Ok now I’m getting excited thinking about how happy this will make her. Proposal Idea Number 2 is perfect for us.” Albert

private proposal in fl

Thank you!!! We can’t stop talking about it and she has been forwarding the pictures around to anyone who will take the time to check them out. It was perfect…. A million times, thank you!!” Phil


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LOVE IT!!! Let’s move forward with planning it! – Travis










































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