Schedule Me In

the couples planner

Be intentional in your relationship by physically scheduling in your favorite person!

5 star review Every Couple Needs This! 
“I thought this would be a pretty journal. This relationship planner is SO much cooler and more extensive with all the date ideas, plans, great connecting questions, monthly topics, etc. I needed this! Says the girl who has been married for 12 years. Everyone seriously needs this!”  – Kristen, 34 


“Schedule Me In is like taking vitamins for your relationship!”

I’d like to officially introduce you to what will be your FAVORITE resource for date night planning, relationship tips, check-in questions for connecting, and more created by relationship experts. Meet Schedule Me In. Your relationship’s best friend, mentor, personal assistant, marriage therapist, and your ultimate cheerleader for a life-long EXCEPTIONAL relationship together.


We know the love of our life is worth our time but sometimes, unintentionally, they get the tail end. It’s safe to say that being intentional with our communication, connection, and time with our partner is important. Sure, throwing together a random date night works. However, tangibly scheduling in time and making it extra thoughtful isn’t easy with busy schedules. Sometimes we just aren’t feeling creative. Sometimes we’re just tired and need ideas handed to us. It’s challenging to remain intentional month in and month out in our marriage and/or committed relationship. This is why we put our heart and soul into Schedule Me In – our first-ever relationship planner!

5 star review I’M OBSESSED! 
We literally schedule everything and yet sometimes my spouse gets the short end of the stick because I forget to schedule time for him like I do everything else. I can’t believe how every detail of the planner was thought through. It’s so beautiful and then all of the monthly topics and the amazing stickers make everything more fun for both my husband and me to participate.”  – Lindsay, 33 

what's inside Schedule Me In planner

5 star review She loved it! Perfect Anniversary Gift
I got this for my wife for our one year anniversary and it was the perfect gift. I love all the date night ideas so we can switch it up. Such a cool planner! ” – Carlos, 29

Couples’ favorite things in the ultimate relationship planner:

  1. Beautiful Monthly Calendar – literally schedule in time for each other
  2. Over 50 Date Night Ideas – Easy to Plan. Memorable for you both.
  3. Date Night Stickers and Sizzle Stickers for intimacy (yep, the sizzle sticker is exactly what you think!)
  4. His / Her Designated Date Planning months and monthly themes for intentional time together
  5. Weekly Check-in Questions to keep you connected and communicating well in your relationship

Being intentional is for you. You schedule your day, work meetings, kids’ appointments, errands, and goals…

now it’s time to planner PLAN-HER!