8 Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Love

8 Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Love

Think about your most memorable Christmas.  Chances are, it was significant because of the traditions that went along with it.  Whether this will be your first Christmas with your significant other, or your 20th, it’s never too late to start the holiday traditions that will last a lifetime!

  • Matching Christmas pajamas– Feel like a child again by wearing cozy, matching pajamas.  You’ll be reminded of simpler times, and your mood will instantly be boosted!
  • Baking cookies– The way to  anyone’s heart is through their stomach.  What better way to bond than baking and decorating Christmas cookies?  Spend the rest of the night eating the whole batch, or packaging them up for friends and family.   (Image Credit)
    bake christmas cookies with your husband
  • Favorite memory of the year– On New Years Eve, cozy up by the fireplace and relive your favorite memories of the year.  This is a great way to end the year and start the new one on a bright note.
  • Gingerbread house competition– Play up your competitive sides by hosting a gingerbread house decorating competition.  Bonus points if you make it through the whole night without eating a wall or two! (Image Credit)
    build a gingerbread house with your husband
  • Movie night–  It’s likely that you already do this, so why not make it a tradition?  Stick to the classics, and you won’t mind missing a scene for a kiss or two!
  • Christmas Eve gift– Christmas morning can be pretty chaotic.  On Christmas Eve, set aside one gift to exchange with your partner.  The calm and anticipation of Christmas Eve will make you appreciate their thoughtfulness that much more! (Image Credit)
    christmas date with your love
  • Help out– Nothing will spark the holiday cheer like helping others in need.  Volunteer as a couple or adopt a family to make yours, and someone else’s holiday, a little brighter.
  • Pick out a live tree–   You haven’t truly experienced Christmas if you’ve been putting up a plastic tree all these years.  There’s a lot of fun to be had in going to a Christmas Tree Farm, strapping it to the top of your car, and hanging ornaments on the real branches. (Image Credit)
    christmas tree date

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