Farm to Table Wedding Inspiration

Farm to Table Wedding Inspiration

When people hear “farm to table” they often picture food being harvested directly from the farm and being plopped onto a dinner plate… Not exactly a picture perfect wedding theme.   While the main focus of a farm to table wedding is on organic and sustainable dining, it’s also about creating a specific environment as well.  The goal is to have a fresh atmosphere with hints of sophistication and coziness.

A good place to start is by hosting the reception outdoors to obtain the fresh quality of your theme.  Real flowers, fruits, and vegetables make great centerpieces to liven up dinner tables.  Opt for pastels or bright colors that won’t blend into the surrounding greenery.  Strands of lights, chandeliers, candles, and elaborate place settings help to add sophistication to a rustic-feeling scene.  Details made of metals and glass help to break up long stretches of organic materials, such as wood tables and flowers.  To add a homey touch, create long dinner tables instead of small, round or square tables.  This allows everyone to sit together and mingle, family-dinner-style, instead of each individual family sitting at a table by themselves.  Last but not least, the food- usually picked and prepared at the site of the wedding- should be delicious and refined, yet something every guest will enjoy.  Balance out more elaborate meals, like balsamic-glazed duck breast, with simpler options, like roasted veggies or a garden salad.  This ensures that every guest will be able to find something to eat, and no one will be going home hungry!

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