Friday “Rocks”! featuring Heidi Gibson

Friday “Rocks”! featuring Heidi Gibson

Check out designer Heidi Gibson and her gorgeous collection! It’s full of vintage-inspired and uniquely crafted engagement rings. I LOVE the individuality and character of each piece! Just breath-taking!

“After my original engagement ring was lost in a house fire (and later recovered!), I had the opportunity to design my ideal ring: the Gatsby piece. I received many compliments on the ring over the course of several months and decided to try posting the design for sale online. The response was outstanding, so I decided to try my hand at a few more designs. I feel that I bring something different to the market, based on my experience with art and design. I see the stones as shapes to fit together in composition, much like an artist blocking in a base drawing – a more natural approach for me as a painter. My muse lies within the sunburst, art deco style of decades past.”


The Rockefeller 

The Rockefeller ring is an stunning beauty that always makes a statement. The flattering design softens and elongates the cushion cut center with a tiny halo and pronged outer round stones. A delicate spray of tapered baguettes adds a unique twist and will enhance any finger shape. The center cushion cut stone measures approximately 8.5mm and weighs approximately 3 carats. One of the best features of this ring, despite it’s size and how low it is set, is the fact that it can accommodate a wedding band flush to the shank

The Juliet

The enchanting Juliet exemplifies the deco cluster motif with floral symmetry at it’s best. This antique-inspired beauty is fashioned to sit as low as possible while still accommodating a band flush to the shank. Delicate prongs frame the center and pinpoint the outer rounds. Contemporary construction provides increased stone security while maintaining vintage flair.

The Mid Gatsby

This beautiful ring will turn heads everywhere you go! Pure sparkle and Art Deco elegance at it’s best. The scale of the Mid Gatsby ring is in-between the Original Gatsby and the Gatsby Petite. It is custom-made-to-order and is available in various finishes, sizes, and carat weights. The center stone is framed by a petite diamond halo. Outside the halo, alternating custom-cut baguette and round stones cascade at different levels, catching the eye from every angle. The delicate wiring slightly lifts the stones, allowing the light to illuminate from below.

Odeon Squared Petite 

This slightly squared version of the Odeon ring was originally built as a custom setting for an elongated heirloom emerald cut diamond.  It is custom-made-to-order and is available in various finishes and sizes. The extra long .43 ct center diamond pictured is framed by an elegant halo of diamonds. The halo is surrounded by slightly larger round stones that fluctuate slightly in size at the corners. The delicate wiring slightly lifts the stones, allowing the light to illuminate from below. Viewed from the top, the placement of the prongs creates the softened lines of a rectangle.

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