How to Propose – the eBook

How to Propose – the eBook

Stop spending your valuable time watching YouTube Videos of someone else’s proposal idea. Just imagine yourself picking and choosing ideas that appeal to you and effortlessly combining them into her dream proposal. It’s all in one convenient location from the most romantic planners in the world.

Tips include: what to say when proposing to your girlfriend, ideas on how to get your girlfriend to the proposal without her knowing, what picture to take during your proposal, ideas on where to propose to your girlfriend, our favorite proposal ruses, and over 40 idea-starters to create a custom and unique proposal on your own.

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About Naomi Wilson

A hopeless romantic and Pinterest wedding fanatic at heart, I'm a sucker for all things love, proposals and wedding planning. Being a student of communications and journalism at Springfield College has introduced me to the wonderful world of video producing and blogging and after sitting in front of a screen watching The Yes Girls' proposal videos for hours on end, I knew I had to find an in! When I’m not obsessing over the latest wedding trends, I spend my time watching Audrey Hepburn, drinking iced caramel macchiatos, learning French, and planning my next Instagram post.

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