How To: Surprise Her On Her Birthday

How To: Surprise Her On Her Birthday

Birthday cupcake A few weekends ago the Yes Girls and I were chatting with a friend who wanted to completely blow away his girlfriend on her birthday. We were giving him little tips to spruce up the day and I have to give him credit because his idea of taking her to a planetarium to have a picnic under the stars was adorable.  However, it reminded me just how differently girls and guys view birthdays and anniversaries. It may not make sense to fellas, but ladies always want the day of their birthdays and anniversaries recognized (even if it’s a small gesture). Therefore, if you plan to celebrate that weekend don’t forget to recognize that the specific day is still meaningful.

Below are a few sweet gestures to start your gal’s birthday or anniversary on the right foot. The best part is they are budget friendly too!

Come Prepared:

∞ Be the first to recognize the special day. That morning pick up her favorite beverage (coffee, tea, smoothie, etc) and leave it with a note at her front door step or on her nightstand. Something as simple as her vanilla latte in the A.M. will mean the world to her because you remembered and acknowledged her birthday/anniversary first thing that day.

∞ Leave a bouquet of her favorite flowers on her car. Leave little surprises where she would expect them the least.

∞ Delivering a delicious cupcake with a single candle to her work will easily brighten her day.

∞ Send her a invitation to a romantic night out with you. On the invitation, tell her everything from what to wear to the time to be ready, EXCEPT for where you will be taking her. A little surprise and spontaneity is always a plus (as long as she knows the other details..haha).

∞ If you take her out for a romantic dinner, follow it up with a movie montage at an unique romantic location. It can be as simple as finding a beautiful view in your car. Include photos from favorite times together and little things that you love about her.

Voila! You have the perfect day planned and she’ll feel like a million bucks!


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