Meet The Marriage Proposal Planners

The Yes Girls® is a team of creative, passionate and experienced

marriage proposal and romantic event planners.


As the Original Proposal Planners, The Yes Girls have created over 3000 one-of-a-kind experiences for our glowing clients!



What We Do

  • We take the stress off your shoulders
  • We get you discounts with vendors
  • We make the phone calls you don’t have time for
  • We tie all your ideas together
  • We offer a money back guarantee (we’re so confident you’ll love the ideas!)
  • We help keep your proposal a complete surprise
  • We plan marriage proposals and weddings across the US and abroad

“Spreading thoughtfulness from the start through one personalized proposal at a time.”

About the Company

aboutcompanyThe Yes Girls® are the original marriage proposal planners. We found our niche in marriage proposal planning and we help clients create and plan their proposals across the US and abroad. We specialize in wedding planning, wedding anniversary, date night services, and surprise vow renewals too. Basically we love ALL things involving romance! We recognize the pressure it can be on gentlemen when it comes to “popping the question” or on a spouse trying to plan a truly romantic wedding anniversary. We are abundant in creativity, alleviate any worries, and assist you in making your customized and unique “She Said Yes” moment a flawless celebration. The Yes Girls will help take your marriage proposal or special occasion to a world of thoughtfulness she will never stop “bragging” about.

The Yes Girls Events was founded in 2008 on the passion and life-long dream of our President, Heather Vaughn, the original proposal planner. Our event planning expertise, allows us to produce fresh and creative ideas for every proposal, wedding and client. The Yes Girls believe exceptional proposals and events are created by building relationships with our clients, so that every detail is communicated. Your event and planning experience will reflect you! It is our pleasure to answer any questions you may have so please feel free to contact us!

The Yes Girls Give 10% Back


We are thankful for the blessings from this business. Your thoughtfulness doesn’t stop after she says “yes.” The Yes Girls donate 10 percent of our proposal and wedding package profits to 3 Strands Global who directly aids Agape International Missions by selling handmade jewelry (made by the rescued sex traffic victims). AIM was founded on the grounds of Cambodia to fight trafficking, restore victims, transform communities while providing safe housing to women and children escaping the sex trafficking industry. Please feel free to contact us for more information about 3 Strands Global and AIM.


Meet the Team


Heather Vaughn
Founder and Owner

I started The Yes Girls after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder because I loved the idea of helping guys propose in completely personalized & romantic ways. I discovered there were thousands of searches for proposal ideas but no real resources which resulted in TYG, the 1st marriage proposal planning company. Years later, I’m still hooked. A leap of faith and incredible clients turned this into the best job ever! I can’t forget to thank my husband, Kyle, who always supports my passionate personality and heart for relationships no matter how extreme my ideas may be. What can I say? I love, love!


Elie Cantrell
Lead Proposal Planner

While I was in school at Saint Mary’s College of CA, I had the pleasure of being introduced to The Yes Girls Events & I immediately knew it was something I wanted to be a part of! I loved that they were helping men bring their special question to life. After graduation, I finally had the opportunity to become a “Yes Girl”. I couldn’t ask for a more exciting job & I’m so blessed to be a part of this company.


Kendall Rodriguez
Proposal Designer

Being a huge “people person” has definitely fostered my love of weddings & special events. I grew up watching my Mom plan events & weddings. When I graduated from Texas Christian University it just seemed like the perfect fit to take my love of people & events & direct it towards planning weddings & creating unbelievable marriage proposals. I am honored to help such an important decision in a person’s life!


Regina Carroll
Social Media Manager

With a degree in Graphic Design from Concordia University & a passion for people, when I was introduced to The Yes Girls it was a perfect match. I get to design proposal spaces that are so unique & so special for each couple. I love knowing that someone else is going to be completely overwhelmed by all the love they are receiving. Being apart of someone’s “She Said Yes” story is so rewarding!


Lindsay Meister
Calligrapher and Specialty Projects

My obsession with calligraphy & all things love began in 1998 with my first Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. For me, marriage proposals & weddings are so symbolically heavenly. Chock full of love, family, friendship, flowers… when else do we get to surround ourselves with all things good? I love working with these wonderful guys that delight in carefully creating a custom piece for their girlfriends.


Becca Ring
Engagement Ring Blogger and Planner

I love my job- I get to coordinate amazing marriage proposals & work with my best friends! There is nothing like seeing the final outcome after all the time & planning that we put into each proposal. After graduating from Point Loma Nazarene University, I knew I wanted to use my inherent love of details & final touches with The Yes Girls. With each proposal my passion & love for that “Yes” grows deeper.

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