Places to Propose in San Antonio

Places to Propose in San Antonio

Military City USA has a lot more than just that. San Antonio is full of history, and romance, believe it or not. With gorgeous weather and even better people, San Antonio is a wonderful place. As a San Antonio resident, I’ve heard about some cliché, and not so cliché, places to propose in this city. Here’s what I came up with:

    1. The Alamo
      This location is a given. It has been historical to The Alamo since like forever?! The Alamo is not only historical, but it is also a stunning piece of architecture. Located right in the middle of downtown, this won’t be a give away location at all.
    2. The Riverwalk
      This is the first thing I think of when I think of San Antonio?! Most people don’t know, but the Riverwalk is actually 240 miles long!!! Imagine the countless places that you can propose. One special place is Marriage Island. With a gorgeous oak tree and two benches, countless of people have gotten done on one knee in this very spot. (Image Credit)
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    1. Texas Hill Country
      Now this is a very broad place, but so many gorgeous spots. Whether it’s a vineyard or an old historic town like Boerne, the Texas Hill Country can’t be beat. (Image Credit)
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    1. Tower of Americas
      Most people have no idea what this is, but if you know what the Seattle space needle is, you’ll have a good idea. With an amazing restaurant at the top and incredible views, the Tower of Americas is the perfect place for your girl to say “YES!”
    2. Spurs Game
      Big sports fans?! Well then, c’mon on. Every Spurs fan I’m sure would just LOVE this idea. The Spurs have a very interesting fan following, so this location is definitely for them.
    3. The Pearl District
      As a Pearl District resident, this may be my favorite. The Pearl District is a newer area right outside of Downtown. With amazing restaurants and unreal architecture, this is a great location to sweep your girl off her feet. (Image Credit)
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    1. Museum ( The Witte Museum or San Antonio Museum of Art)
      For all my museum lovers, we have a couple of different ones in the SATX area. My preference would be the two listed above because The Witte just opened a gorgeous new part that includes a dinosaur exhibit and the SAMA is just unreal beautiful for many different reasons. (Image Credit)
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As a San Antonio resident, I’m partial to this city. If I have any other locals out there, feel free to drop where you got proposed to in Military City USA below in the comments!

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