Printed Bridesmaids Dresses

Printed Bridesmaids Dresses

Simple bridesmaids dresses have their place; some brides choose to keep things simple so their own dress will not be upstaged.  Others need to keep bridesmaid dresses simple so they don’t clash with the venue decor.  In these cases, solid-colored dresses are definitely the way to go.  A lot of the time, however, brides choose to stick with solid-colored dresses solely because it’s what they are used to seeing.  Many people won’t consider printed dresses because they think their bridesmaids will look too busy or will take away from the other details of the wedding, when in reality, bridesmaid dresses can coordinate with the wedding theme so cohesively that the dresses alone create an element of style that takes the wedding to a whole other level.  These prints can be as subtle as watercolor florals, or as bold as black-and-white stripes.  The key to choosing a print is to consider the mood of the wedding.  Soft and feminine prints work best for romantic weddings, while geometric shapes or lines are perfect for modern.  It’s best to keep all bridesmaids in similar or matching prints, rather than mixing and matching.  Last but not least, when using a pattern throughout other parts of the wedding, match the print to the dresses as much as possible.  When keeping a cohesive feed throughout the apparel and decor, the wedding will tie together and create that “magazine-esque” style wedding that we all love and strive for.

printed bridesmaid dress


printed bridesmaids dress printed bridesmaid dress printed bridesmaids dress printed bridesmaids dress printed bridesmaids dress

Image Credits: Donna Morgan / Love and Light Photographs / Mod Wedding / Lauren Peele / Southern Weddings / Ashley C Photography

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