Private Drive-In Movie Date Idea

Private Drive-In Movie Date Idea


Is your next date a movie night? Do you want to completely knock her socks off by twisting a movie night into one of the most fun nights you’ve had in awhile? Take these tips to make a classic date night into a “wow” moment that she’ll talk about to all her friends! (Image below from

truck bed movie watching romance


Step One: Truck bed with lots and lots of pillows & blankets!

Step Two: Projector & Bed sheet hung from garage.

Step 3: Pick out her favorite movie! (This will show that you pay attention to the little comments!)

Step 4: Snacks & Hot Cocoa. This is an important step because what is a movie without the snacks? Nothing! Pop some homemade popcorn, get your twizzlers & soda-pop, or even get her favorite red-only m&m’s.

Step 5: Fuzzy Socks. This is really unnecessary, but during this time of year picking up some $5 fuzzy socks at your local Target will win you bonus points while keeping her toes warm!

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