Put Her In The Perfect Proposal Attire (Attn: Guys)

Put Her In The Perfect Proposal Attire (Attn: Guys)

Ever considered what to wear to your marriage proposal? If you’re a lady in waiting, it may have crossed your mind, but I’ll take my chances in saying most guys have not. Gentlemen, of course it’s important to put thought into your proposal attire, but it’s just as crucial to put your future fiancee in the appropriate outfit.

The Proposal Dress Code for Him: If a friend or family member is bringing your girlfriend to the surprise proposal destination then you can be dressed to the nines! She won’t get suspicious if she isn’t seeing you prior. If you are spending the day together, clearly showing up in a suit and tie could give it away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear her favorite shirt of yours. The point is to dress like yourself but throw on your Sunday best; she will melt at the very sight of you! For the ultimate “studley” move, do some quiet snooping. Find out what she plans on wearing so you can coordinate your outfit with hers. Concerned you’ll risk the surprise? Coordinate your shirt, jacket, tie, etc. with the main color used in your proposal setting (ie: If you’re decorating with red flowers or tablecloth, wear a red tie).

The Proposal Dress Code for Her: You believe your girlfriend always looks beautiful (and obviously she does), but for her sake, she WILL want to look and feel pretty when you pop the question. If you plan on taking photos (which is a must nowadays) she’ll be so thankful she wasn’t sweating and grungy in all the pics. Find some kind of excuse to dress up. This doesn’t have to be a cocktail dress, but don’t put her in a time crunch where she’s throwing on a “blah” outfit.

Here’s the kicker. When it comes to her attire, come prepared for her. You know the exact plans. She doesn’t. Clearly you don’t want your gal freezing or refusing to go on that “walk” outside if she is jacket-less and only has high heels. Come prepared! If you’re on the beach, have an extra pair of sandals for her. If you’re in cold weather take the initiative and bring a spare jacket. Even if she didn’t bring one herself because it clashed with her outfit, she’ll be grateful for the option later.

Good luck finding your perfect proposal attire!


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