Romancin’ Up Marriages: New Anniversary Packages

Romancin’ Up Marriages: New Anniversary Packages

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this new venture. I realize 2 years of marriage that Kyle and I are still considered newlyweds; however as a married woman, I have learned how we must intentionally set aside time for romantic dates and anniversaries or it’s quickly overlooked with hectic schedules. For busy professionals, moms, and dads pursuing romance doesn’t always feel accessible. Marriage is an amazing blessing but it needs constant pursuit. That brings me to this…

Our team of romance planners, have created a CUSTOMIZED ANNIVERSARY PACKAGE so your romantic marriage celebration won’t pass you by! Just like our marriage proposal planning, we ask our clients to fill out our relationship questionnaire so your anniversary is completely customized to you and your spouse!

The truth is every wedding anniversary is a reason to celebrate. It is another year you have both honored your commitment to your marriage. Whether it is your 5th, 15th or 50th anniversary, you don’t have to settle for another typical anniversary; the average couple can make their anniversary different than before.

Anniversary Tip: Give the anniversary gift or trip the presentation it deserves. Don’t just tell him or her that you are going somewhere for your anniversary. Use a prop, video or leave a printed out itinerary somewhere your spouse wouldn’t expect to find it.

For example, the first photo above was how my dad presented his surprise 25th anniversary gift to my mom. He ordered New Zealand’s bird which is that funny looking stuffed animal above (also known as the Kiwi) and left a note with it that said, “Please take me home!” My mom had to search the internet to figure out which country the bird belonged to, to discover the surprise. Saying she was excited they were headed off to New Zealand is an understatement. Oh yeah…my parents still got it! :) Here’s to “romancin’ up” marriages!

For more information on our anniversary packages, visit The Yes Girls Events.



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