Summer Date Series: Gourmet S’mores

Summer Date Series: Gourmet S’mores

Gourmet S'mores Date Idea This DIY date is super fast, and easy to throw together on any night of the week!  It’s also very accommodating for weather and circumstances, so you can head to the backyard for a romantic bonfire, or snuggle on the couch with a candle.  

Once you decide where you want to have your s’mores date, the next step is to buy the fixin’s.  If you love regular s’mores, feel free to stick to the usual graham cracker/ marshmallow/ chocolate combination.  If you’re looking to go outside the box, however, mix and match from the categories below to create your own “gourmet s’mores.”  If you get a variety, take turns making each other the craziest combinations you can think of.



Graham Crackers (regular, chocolate, or cinnamon)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Belgian Waffles

Glazed Donuts


Round Apple Slices


Thick Pretzels



Regular Marshmallows

Chocolate Marshmallows

Cheesecake Marshmallows




Chocolate Bars

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares

Peanut Butter





Lemon Curd

Toasted Coconut

smores2 smores3 smores4 smores5 smores6

Image Credits: Cooking Classy / 40 Aprons / The Merry Thought / I Love Wildfox / I Love Wildfox / Cooking Classy


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