Summer Date Series: The $10 Date

Summer Date Series: The $10 Date


Low on money, but needing a little excitement after staying in the house all week?  We have the date for you!  Introducing the $10 date… Quite possibly the cheapest date you’ve ever been on.

So, what exactly is it?  The first step is choosing a store.  The best stores are Target and Walmart, however other stores like grocery or hardware stores, could boost your creativity and make the date that much more exciting.

Each person has a budget of $10 in the store.  The goal is to find something to do together, whether it be something to bake, a cheesy movie to watch, face paints, etc.  Do your best to avoid crossing paths in the store to keep your finds a surprise.  Set a time to meet back at the car, concealing your purchases in the bag.  When you get home, take turns revealing your date night plans to each other.  The last step: follow through with your plans, no matter how ridiculous they may be.  The best memories can come from having fun and acting like kids again!

$10 Date Idea
Image credits: Melissa Jill / Infused Studios / Ten Thousand Villages / Pinterest

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