So many little girls dream of the day they put on that big white dress and feel like a princess. We watch Cinderella run down the steps in a billowing gown, her prince on her arm, longing for our own magical moment. However the day comes that we’re finally looking for that gown and it’s simply overwhelming.

There’s so much to consider! Do we want a ball gown, mermaid, a-line? Do we want lace, gems, pearls, plain silk? So many questions, so many dresses, and not nearly enough time!

But there’s one thing hardly any bride-to-be puts on her list when searching through dresses: the bustle.

No matter the style or fabric of a dress bride’s never fail to love a train. A stunning swathe of gown to chase them down the aisle and pool around their feet in bridal portraits. But what happens with that train when you’re ready to boogie down on the dance floor?

You bustle. Your train gets buttoned up delicately and artfully to the back of your skirt, tastefully disappearing from the yards of train it once was. However what does it take to make that magic happen?

I’ve seen a bustle take as little as ten minutes, sending the bride quickly and happily to her party, but I’ve also seen them take as long as forty-five minutes, often needing to be re-hooked throughout the evening. While not the end of the world, nor the most important aspect of your dress hunt, having some idea of your dress’s bustle will be helpful and time saving between your ceremony and party.

There are two types of bustles, a French and an American. The French loops under the skirt and typically ties with ribbons. The American bustle pinches and then swoops above the skirt, typically then attaching onto a button or hook-and-eye.

bridal dress bustle bridal dress bustle

French Bustle Picture: Pinkerton Photography
American Bustle Picture: Adam Barnes Photography

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