Using Your Senses (All 5), When You Propose

Using Your Senses (All 5), When You Propose

I find it amazing how our humanly senses not only allow us to perceive beauty but how we can immediately transfer to a past memory when we smell a certain fragrance or hear a line from a song. It really is incredible especially when it’s attached to an unparalleled memory. We girls dream of how we’ll get engaged. Take it from someone whose been proposed to, we love reminiscing exactly how our heart dropped and where we were standing when we said “yes!” Ladies, I recommend passing this onto the special guys in your life.

Guys, to help your sweetheart remember all of your marriage proposal, why not incorporate items that adhere to all her senses? It makes sense right? Here are some things you can do to tap into all five senses.

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A beautiful marriage proposal scene is always a perfect way to start. Filling the area with pretty things- flowers, lights, photos, candles, etc. really makes it look and feel like a dream. Believe it or not, she will remember what you’re wearing. Spend a little extra time putting on a spiffy new shirt or tie that color coordinates with your proposal setting; it will be another eye-catcher. Photo books or framing a favorite picture is the best way to connect to her sense of sight. Another way is to hire a photographer to capture you down on one knee. That’s delivering her the memory on a silver platter. She’ll have the photos forever.


One of our strongest senses! There are so many options from the smell of the flowers and food, to the cologne you wear. If you’re girlfriends love lavender or lilies those both have distinct smells.


Play a sweet new tune that can represent this moment. There are so many beautiful songs out there. One of my favorites right now is Marry Me by Train. It’s worth having a song you purposely chose to take her back to the moment you got down on one knee and became her husband-to-be.


Serve her favorite meal and pair it with a flavorful bottle of wine. Now every time she opens and tastes that type of wine the flavor will undoubtedly bring her back to your engagement. For an extra smooth touch, you can pick up a few bottles and let them age as you save them for future wedding anniversaries such as your 1st, 5th, and 20th. Talk about romantic!


When you begin your proposal speech, take her hand. She’ll get butterflies. For an extra touch, no pun intended, dance with her. She ain’t going to forget that!

Now you already have 5 personal and thoughtful items to add to your marriage proposal. If you have any items to add to the senses above feel free to comment below!


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