6 Proposal Ideas for the Fall

6 Proposal Ideas for the Fall

Here are six proposal ideas for all you fall-finatics will love!

  1. The Bonfire Proposal
    Nothing screams romance like snuggling up by a bonfire.  It can set the perfect mood to pop the question.  Hint: If you’re going to hide the ring in a s’more, don’t roast the marshmallows.  You don’t want the ring to be too sticky to slide on her finger!
    bonfire marriage proposal idea with s'mores
  2. The Corn Maze Proposal
    She’ll be so focused on finding her way through the maze, she’ll never see it coming when you pop the question!
    corn maze marriage proposal idea
  3. The Orchard/Pumpkin Patch Proposal
    Let’s face it, when it comes to picking apples or pumpkins, we need our guy’s help.  How else are we supposed to reach the best apples or carry the biggest pumpkins?  Not only will this date have her feeling extra relient on you, but the scenery also creates the perfect backdrop for your proposal.
    orchard fall marriage proposal idea
  4. The Park Proposal
    This proposal focuses on one of the best parts of Fall: the beautiful scenery.  While any park would do, this is a proposal.  To make it one she can’t help but brag about, take her to a famous park she can’t go to everyday (Central Park, Millenium Park, etc.)
    fall central park marriage proposal
  5. The Football Proposal
    If you and your girl are die-hard football fans, then this proposal can be extra sentimental to your relationship.  Keep in mind that all eyes in the stadium will be on her, so this is not for the shy at heart.
    football marriage proposal
    And last but not least, our very own…
  6. Pumpkin Carving Proposal
    Sure, it takes a lot of work to carve “Will you marry me?” into several pumpkins, but it’s sure to win all the “awwwws” from her family and girlfriends!
    Fall Pumpkin Marriage Proposal


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