Ryan & Karley, Orange County, CA

Ryan & Karley, Orange County, CA

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When I dreamt about my perfect proposal– I thought waking up with a nice shiny engagement ring on my finger would be ideal. In my mind, the man of my dreams would be on one knee, asking me to be his forever and we would cuddle up next to each other in pure bliss, in our own private world together. I like to consider myself a private person, but then when I actually think about it, I love attention. I tend be completely awkward when I receive attention and may throw in some weird “Elaine dance moves” — but that’s me in the realest form. The thought of a public proposal was completely overwhelming to me. The idea of being photographed, maybe even videotaped during one of most intimate moments of my life terrified me.

I even hinted to Ryan about what type of proposal was ideal in my opinion and completely neglected to consider what he wanted. I had a very good inclination that Ryan would work with The Yes Girls Events since his sister, Heather, is the CEO and I knew that between Ryan and the girls, they would come up with something completely perfect for Ryan and me. Of course I don’t know about all the behind the scenes planning that went on or even how long it took, but when I got to the proposal location, my breath was taken away.My heart was beating faster than I thought it could handle and my hands were trembling with excitement.

The Yes Girls and Ryan managed to incorporate everything that I loved in a proposal without it feeling like it was some grand production. The detail that stands out in my memory so clearly was the video message on an iPad that Ryan recorded for me and left on a beautiful table that explained what I was doing at Casa Romantica and why he loves me so much. He later told me that that was Heather’s idea. Words of affirmation are definitely one of my love languages and hearing and seeing Ryan explain why he loved me so much right before he was going to propose to me, took all my nerves away. As I walked through Casa Romantica, there were signs that highlighted memories and inside jokes that made me giggle like a little girl. When I finally made it to the end and turned the corner, I saw the man of my dreams, dressed to the nines, in the middle of a whole bunch of blown up photos of us. I couldn’t help but laugh because it captured Ryan’s personality perfectly. He has his serious side, but he definitely knows how to make me laugh. When I walked / ran down to him, I had so many emotions bursting through me.After that it really was all a blur– I remember thinking, just ask me already, and then he asked me to marry him. Aside from that I was a little hazy about the details of what was really said to me. After he stood up and kissed me I turned around and saw a photographer and videographer and was so thankful.

After all my fussing about wanting it to be this super private moment, I was so relieved to know that with the help of The Yes Girls, I will be able to relive that day over and over through photographs and our proposal video. I am so thankful that Ryan had the help of the girls to bring his vision to reality– a reality that was beyond anything I could have expected! I can’t thank you enough!

– Karley

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