Ciao Bella!

Ciao Bella!

If you have ever been to Italy, you know that Italians are exceptional at expressing love.  Although, Bryan and Quinn are born and raised New Yorkers, their Italian ancestry runs down to their core.  Bryan felt it was important to include Quinn’s family and close friends so we used their help to give Quinn her perfect “Yes!” proposal. Bryan happens to be quite the character so it was only appropriate to incorporate his “Italian Stallion” t-shirt that he was wearing the night these two met. He shared from that night on, it became a consistent joke in their relationship.

Bryan treated Quinn to her favorite Italian restaurant in NYC which happened to be where they had their first date too.  After dinner they headed over to Central Park for a nice walk, nothing out of the ordinary. Pre-planned, her family and best friends were all waiting by the Bethesda Fountain for Bryan and Quinn’s arrival.  A few of her friends held up a sign that said, “Trevi Fountain”. Quinn liked to mention that the Bethesda Fountain is the Trevi Fountain of Central Park and because they couldn’t quite afford a trip to Rome, he brought a little bit of Italy to Quinn.  The rest of her friends and family were standing around the fountain holding flowers and an Italian flag.

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When the couple arrived Italian music started playing, and from behind Quinn, walked up an Italian string quartet. Simultaneously,  her mom walked up and handed her a gift box.  It was a t-shirt embroidered with “Mrs. Italian Stallion To Be.” That is when Bryan took off his jacket and revealed he was wearing his infamous “Italian Stallion” t-shirt! After the revealing, Bryan asked her to be his wife in front of her cheering family and friends! He also handed her a coin, as a promise to take her to the actual Trevi Fountain on their honeymoon! She saved it just for that occasion.

Sometimes we have to work with our resources and budget, but a little thought and planning can turn a fountain in NYC into a magical thing. Let’s get creative!



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