Cooking in Cinque Terre, Italy

Cooking in Cinque Terre, Italy

It’s not often The Yes Girls get to help create a proposal on an unlimited budget, but when it came time for Dave’s proposal to Lauren he was not holding anything back. Lauren absolutely loves cooking and Dave wanted to take her to one of the most romantic places in the world, so it was a match made in heaven…food and Italy.

Dave planned an entire weekend around cooking in Cinque Terre, Italy (one of the most breathtaking and beautiful areas in Italy). He scheduled private cooking lessons so they could learn and eat with the pros. At the end of their third day, the instructor said she had a special surprise for the two of them…it was their turn to relax, drink good wine and enjoy their favorite meal from their lesson. The catch, they would enjoy it together at the instructor’s private dining venue.

Photos: Food from Gusto Ristorante, Wine from Wine It

That’s when a private chauffeur picked up Dave and Lauren to take them to a private dinner, overlooking the crystal blue water and the romantic city of Monterosso. When the couple walked up to the table, it was covered in goregous regal color linens, antique roses, candles, and of course the delicious Italian meal they choose for the evening. Coincidentally, a few of Lauren’s favorite things. After the initial shock, they both sat down to enjoy their meal. That’s when Dave pointed out a large oyster in the sand; he pick up the oyster to inspect it, asking Lauren if something could actually be inside.

When he opened the oyster she saw a “precious” stone inside. You see Dave’s little nickname for Lauren is Precious so it was only fitting. He handed her the oyster, and on the inside of the shell was a written note explaining how she was precious to him and is deserving of a precious stone. He put the single pearl necklace on Lauren but then looked puzzled. That’s when he mentioned that something was still missing…came around the table, slipped on her engagement ring and ask her to be his wife! She said “Yes!” not that any girl could say no after that kind of romance.

For a special touch, the chef personally wrote down the recipe and named it after Lauren and Dave’s engagement. Dave clearly had the funds, but the best part was he recognized something they loved to do together and turned it into unforgettable! Congrats again, Lauren and Dave!


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