Cozy Weekend Date Ideas

Cozy Weekend Date Ideas

As temperatures rapidly drop it becomes increasingly hard to get out of our lovely warm beds on the weekends. But imagine how easy it would be to get up if you knew the day ahead of you would be equally cozy! I’ve got some chilly day date ideas that will make you wish winter would never end. So cuddle up with your loved one and enjoy :)
play games together for date night in

  • Host a friendly game day: Make it a competition between all your friends with yummy winter drinks and snacks…I promise this is worth getting out of bed for. (Click for Photo Credit)
  • Watch a movie with commentary: We all see the option but never choose it, why not? It’s so fun to hear the stories behind all the familiar scenes, and always offers great fun facts for future conversations.
  • Rediscover coloring books: I don’t mean the fancy adult ones, grab a holiday/princess/superhero coloring book, break open a box of new crayons, breathe deep and go.
  • Have a day long dance party: Start with you favorite pop song at the moment, make your way into the best throwbacks from your school dance days, maybe get some songs going you danced to with your parents, turn up the best line dances, and keep going from dawn to dusk. (Click for Photo Credit)

dance at home date for winter

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