Dancing Away

Dancing Away

First off, I need to say “Happy Birthday” to my beautiful mom!  You are the greatest and I love you!  If anyone loves dancing as much as my mom does, then you’ll adore this idea.  This was a proposal done last Valentine’s Day 2009 and with upcoming Valentine’s proposals on the way, there is no better time to share this story!

Lindey’s ultimate dream is to own her own dance studio.  Matthew being the wonderful boyfriend he is, takes dance lessons with Lindey to participate in something she loves. We just thought that this was too cute, so we tuned into that thoughtful side of Matthew and created a proposal inspired by her dream.  Matthew scheduled a private dance lesson with their dance instructor for a Valentine’s Day gift to Lindey.  To add to the romantic gift, he even asked her best friend to help pick out a new, cute dancing dress to wear that evening. The instructor, knowing Matthew was proposing, choreographed a dance move where Lindey spun away from him during their dance.  Later in their session, the instructor excused herself for a minute but encouraged them to practice while she was gone.

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Matthew and Lindey started to dance, but this time when she spun away, Matthew dropped down on one knee to propose and completely surprised her when she turned back around!

When the instructor left, she was actually getting the camera ready to capture some photos of the proposal!  Oh and the song Matthew chose for them to dance to was the song Lindey wanted to dance to at their wedding.  Precious!



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