Day 5: Bad Habits

Day 5: Bad Habits

Day 5: Conquering Bad Habits

manwaiting Purpose: Don’t run away because you saw the title! I know it’s tempting. Today is our last day of Love Week. Congrats on taking initiative in your relationship and what you’ve accomplished this far. Many times arguments strike up due to our bad habits; typically we know we should work on it but realize it will take a little extra effort.  Today’s that day. Instead of focusing on our loved ones flaws, lets concentrate on defeating one of ours.

Exercise: We scheduled “conquering bad habits” for Friday to give you the weekend to work on this exercise. Yesterday, we practiced patience and today we are going to conquer (at least try to conquer) one bad habit.  Maybe it’s practicing punctuality, giving your full undivided attention to your significant other during conversation, completing your side of the chores, or taking that step to be more of a planner. If you try to multitask during conversations, I’m guilty of this, remove those distractions entirely. Whatever it may be, take steps to avoid falling back into the habit.

Good Luck!



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