Famous Wedding Dresses from TV Shows

Famous Wedding Dresses from TV Shows

In the age of binge-watching and live-streaming, if you don’t have ‘a show’ you are just asking to be left out of water cooler conversation and discussions on last night’s premiere. TV has become a part of our culture now more than ever and whether you are keeping up with the Kardashians or weeping watching This Is Us weekly, you have likely been a virtual witness to the magic of a TV wedding. Here are seven TV wedding gowns to inspire you and your dream day.

  • Robin from How I Met Your Mother
    No matter who you wanted Robin to end up with on her wedding day, you must admit she looked gorgeous in this belted, fitted gown. This dress is perfect for a wedding of any season and guaranteed to stun!
    iconic wedding gowns from tv shows
  • Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl
    Blair’s first wedding may not have gone as planned, (Spoiler!) but her outfit sure did! If you are going for the perfect princess wedding, this look will be the icing on the wedding cake!
    iconic wedding gowns from tv shows
  • Jane from Jane the Virgin
    Simple and stunning, Jane made an entrance to remember in this strapless gown. The small floral details make this dress perfect for a summer wedding!
    iconic wedding gowns from tv shows
  • Charlotte York from Sex and the City
    Charlotte’s wedding was well worth the years of her waiting…and ours! Charlotte stunned in this intricate, silky, white gown, and you could too!
    iconic wedding gowns from tv shows
  • Fran Fine from The Nanny
    The gold accents, the detailed floral sleeves, the billowing veil…what’s not to love about Nanny Fine’s wedding day look? If you are thinking of a vintage themed wedding, this gown not only fits the bill but also withstands the test of time.
    iconic wedding gowns from tv shows
  • Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl
    Serena wouldn’t be Serena without a gold-plated gown, now would she? Take a page out of the It Girl’s book for a glam look that will keep you shining all night long.
    iconic wedding gowns from tv shows
  • Blair (again) from Gossip Girl
    B is back and proving that blue will do for a wedding gown. Detailed to the very last flower and complete with a tiara, Blair is giving off ice queen vibes in her wedding day look. This look would be lovely for a winter wedding!
    iconic wedding gowns from tv shows

Image Credits: Robin | Blair | Jane | Charlotte | Fran | Serena | Blair

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