Friday “Rocks”! featuring Tiffany & Co.

Friday “Rocks”! featuring Tiffany & Co.


Diamonds are truly a ‘girl’s best friend’, especially when it comes from the acclaimed Tiffany & Co.!! The collections are timeless and truly magical! Each piece is classic, yet unique! These are the very first engagement rings I ever fell in love with and put engagement rings on the map! How can you go wrong?! Check out my favorites…

“Since its founding, Tiffany has been at the forefront of the world’s greatest design movements.”

“Over the years, Tiffany & Co. has introduced the world to diamonds of breathtaking brilliance and a marvelous selection of previously unknown colored gemstones.”

Tiffany Soleste Round Engagement Ring

Tiffany Soleste® Round. This ring is classically elegant with a round brilliant white diamond encircled by a row of pink and white bead-set diamonds. A diamond band enhances the striking magnificence of this piece.

Tiffany Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Tiffany Soleste. This ring is classically elegant with a cushion modified brilliant diamond encircled by a double row of bead-set diamonds. A diamond band enhances the striking magnificence of this piece.

Tiffany Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Tiffany Soleste® Pear. Bead-set diamonds surround a striking pear-shaped diamond in this unusual platinum design.

Tiffany Round Engagement Ring

Round Brilliant With Tapered Baguettes. Tapered baguette side stones draw the eye toward the remarkable round brilliant center stone.

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