Pick out the perfect bridal bouquet

Pick out the perfect bridal bouquet

Luxurious Wedding Flowers:

It’s understandable to want to go all out for your big day, but preparations can sometimes feel a bit daunting, especially when planning a luxurious, elegant wedding. The key is to be consistent with your theme throughout every element of the ceremony and reception, which means the personal flowers and floral arrangements included.

Perhaps the most difficult part of building a wedding bouquet is selecting what flowers to use. While you’ve already thought up a motif that goes throughout your decorations, it may be a bit difficult to find flowers that match these colors. Martha Stewart actually recommends using more than one kind of flower for your bouquet, as this just adds layers of complexity to the flower, and offers more opportunities for different shades of colors to be present.

bridal bouquet martha stewart

Instead of just tossing ideas out to your florist and hoping that they get what you mean, try spending a few hours with them working on the actual arrangement of the flowers. While it may be difficult to find flowers that match the exact shade of your motif, you can compromise by using shades that closely resemble or echo your themes. Here’s a great tip from Simon Richards, resident flower guru at Marks & Spencer who says: “Two simple rules are to either combine tonal shades of one colour or choose vibrant clashes such as cerise, purple and yellow.”

pink and white peony wedding bouquet

And the best flowers for the job? Large-headed roses are always a sure hit. In fact, The Knot considers them to be a staple at weddings. Roses may also be the perfect flower for you, since there are hundreds of different varieties that are available throughout the year. Most roses come in solid colors, but there are also some roses that are bi-colored, or even striped.

striped multi colored rose

Here are some great ideas for beautifully elegant wedding bouquets:

yellow purple green bridal bouquet

A mix of Bupleurum, Cosmos, Schwartz Mini Calla Lillies, Queen Anne’s Lace and Skyline Roses, featured on BridalGuide.com.

whimsical bridal bouquet

A delightful mix of complementary colors and florals. The different-sized blooms add great texture to the bouquet.

vibrant orchid bouquet

Bright and beautiful flowers stand to contrast the bride’s white gown. A bouquet like this is sure to be a hit among the bridesmaids as well.

coral, blue and white bridal bouquet

Adding a touch of white to any combination of colors is always a good idea. It breaks the monotony of the color and ties everything together.


We hope these tips will come in handy as our brides-to-be putting together their ideal color scheme and florals. These flower pointers like “using more than one type of flower” can also come into play for most events- an anniversary party, birthday party, baby shower, and bridal showers to name a few.

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