Places to Propose in Washington, D.C.

Places to Propose in Washington, D.C.

When I think of Washington, D.C., I think of history, and I think most of us do. So this is a perfect city for those that always were on top of their A game in History class, or just love the pretty scenery, because that in itself is a winner.

    • The Tidal Basin
      Now, this location is a given. The Tidal Basin is one of the most gorgeous locations in all of D.C. The Cherry Blossom Trees are a Washington DC legend so if you choose the right time it can be absolutely breathtaking. Walking through with your soulmate in the most beautiful atmosphere serves as the flawless location and you can go paddle boarding or even bring a picnic. (Image Credit)
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    • POV Restaurant
      This spot is perfect for the views of Washington D.C. This restaurant sits at the top of the W Hotel. You can look out over the whole city and set up a gorgeous table at the top. Maybeevenaguitaristto serenade? (Image Credit)
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    • National Mall
      Bring a picnic and sip some bubbly to watch all the life around you at the National Mall. This would be a very romantic yet simple place to pop the question.
    • Key Bridge
      The Key Bridge is located above the Potomac River and serves as a gorgeous and unexpected location. Take a stroll over the bridge and when the time is right overlooking the river, get down on one knee. Your new bride will be swept off her feet! (Image Credit)
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    • Martin’s Tavern
      If you are a history buff, this is the one for you. Within Martin’s Tavern is a special spot called the “Proposal Booth.” This booth is where JFK proposed to Jackie and would be the perfect location to swoon your new bride.
    • Hillwood Estate
      For the couple that loves nature, this is the most gorgeous setting. With trees for miles and gorgeous hideaway spots, this is sure to WOW your girl. (Image Credit)
      where to propose in dc
    • Lincoln Memorial
      The memorial is amazing alone, but overlooking the views of DC in front of you serves as a location close to perfection. (Image Credit)
      where to propose in dc

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