Private Last Dance

Private Last Dance

The last dance at your reception is always a big deal. The DJ will announce a handful of things through the day: introduction, cake cutting, toasts, and last dance. There’s always a few variations on this, but without fail the last dance is always announced. This gives your guests their last chance to get out on the floor with you and spend some time by your side. However there can be a difference between the last dance of the party, and the last dance for the bride and groom.

I love when I see a couple embrace the practice of a private last dance. The guests are ushered from the dance floor, often leaving the room entirely to prepare for send-off, and the newlyweds are left alone for their last moments. This gives them a quiet space to breathe and just be with each other at the end of their wedding.

With a beautiful love song playing and a quiet reception space around them, the couple can live for just a few more moments in their own little bubble. This gives them a chance to dance privately and lovingly without the eyes of every one of their guests on them. This is not a moment for them to be entertaining their party, it’s just for them and their memories. And it never fails to be perfectly wonderful.

private last dance bride & groom alone at reception private dance at end of wedding couple before end of wedding reception

Image Credits: Matt McElligottKendall Hanna | Allison Harp | Matt McElligott

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