Three Things to say Goodbye to: Wedding on a Budget

Three Things to say Goodbye to: Wedding on a Budget

Let’s face it unless your last name is Kardashian, in this day and age everything is expensive. Don’t be afraid to admit that you may not be able to afford everything you expected of your dream wedding. But don’t worry, you’ll soon realize that all of those little items weren’t that important at all. As your reading this I’m sure you’re already guessing what my number one thing to say goodbye to on that special day is… If you guess flowers you’re right!

    1. Flowers…. Yes they’re beautiful, smell amazing and add that special touch, but like all living things… they die. Now I know death is not the first thing you should think of in regards to your wedding day but its true. According to the 2014 survey from, the average bride spends $2,141 on flowers alone. I’m not sure about you but I would rather spend that much money on something that will last me more than just a couple days prior to the wedding.
      What to do Instead: FEATHERS. Depending on where you get them, feathers can still be pricey, but nowhere close to the price of flowers. Let’s be honest, feathers give a whole different vibe, they’re beautiful but in much different ways than flowers and you can even have fun making your own centerpieces, especially if you’re a girl of my own heart and want a Great Gatsby style wedding… (If only we all had to budget of Jay Gatsby himself)
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    1. Designer Shoes… This is something that most people don’t even think about. You have your designer dress so now you need a matching pair of designer shoes… right? WRONG. Don’t get my wrong a good shoe goes a long way and you could wear it again after, but if you’ve already purchased your dream dress that probably costs more than expected, you don’t need a shoe that’s price matches it. Unless your dress is short, most people won’t see your shoes… go to your local Macy’s and I’m sure you can find a pair of shoes that are just as cute and comfy (you’ll thank me later) for a third of the price. OR if you’re wedding is in the summer or on the beach… ditch the shoes completely!
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    1. Plated, Served Meal… Each plate on average costs anywhere from $68-$75 and at least in my own experience, a lot of people don’t eat their dishes at all or finish them. Last summer I went to a wedding that was buffet style. The bride and groom had to cut corners some places and decided that the food would be one of them. Even though they technically still paid per guest their cost of each dish was around $50 and their was so many different opinions when it came to food; instead of just having the opinion of the generic chicken, steak and vegetarian dishes.
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